10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog’s Poop Behind!

You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog’s Poop Behind

We all know how great it is to have a dog by your side as a pet and your best friend, the love and care you give and everything you get in return is unmeasurable. Being a loving owner, but at the same time responsible and strict when needed is a key to having a successful relationship, and your dog will appreciate you more, and will generally be more eager to listen.

People think this is where all the effort ends, all the love and respect you have for your dog should also be applied to theenvironment with the same merit. When your dog poops, it is your responsibility to pick it up, dispose of it at a nearby pet waste station and prevent numerous problems. Here is a list of problems you can prevent without breaking a sweat, and it takes just a little bit of discipline

Disease prevention

Dog poop is a pretty common disease transmitter, both from dog to dog and from dog to human. Some of those usual cases are E. coli, salmonella, roundworms, etc. and all these can easily get in contact with humans. Your dog is potentially in danger of contracting parvovirus and coronavirus. Another big, yet easily overlooked fact is that this contaminated poop can reach waterways, and then you can imagine how fast that can spread and how it would affect life in water. It does not have to be a disease or pollutant at all, for example, rain can carry the poop into waterways and thus increase the level of nitrogen which then reduces the amount of oxygen necessary for plants and fish, and overall wildlife to survive.


There is nothing more uncomfortable than stepping into a dog poop somewhere in a public, urban, concrete area, where you’d expect that to happen the least of all places. Nobody wants to be a victim of someone else’s carelessness, especially at 7AM when you are in a hurry to get to work in time. As a pet owner, you need to set an example, do the right thing and pick up what your dog has left behind. This is not a sign of your good will or selflessness, this is a must. The odor is another issue of public places, especially during summer when it just gets out of control. We can all focus on keeping public places clean and accessible just by carrying a poop bag with us and spend no more than 2 minutes to remove the excrement.

Parasites and Flies

As we all know, when poop is left unattended, flies and other insect appear pretty quickly. This chain of parasites’ journey can easily reach other animals and humans as well. Roundworms and hookworms can find their home in theground and live there for a long time, and other animals can get infected by walking over and being in contact with that soil.

Stool eating

This is something you need to stop your dog from doing because it is the most efficient way to contract parasites and other diseases. This is not what your dog will usually do, but it can happen sometimes. If you witness that you can try and prevent it, but a much better and safer way is to prevent it in the first place is by picking the waste up after your dog has finished pooping.

Increased number of rats

Rats are attracted to dog poop and this can be a big problem in urban, highly populated areas. They will only grow in number if nothing is done. What people can do is start collecting their dog’s poop to prevent rats from nesting and further causing various other problems.

Common Courtesy

If common courtesy is not really your thing then it is also worth stating that you are obliged by law to pick up after your dog. Many local areas felt the need to put signs in areas where people usually walk their dogs to remind them that they need to clean after. There are also waste stations with provided bags in some parks where you can dispose of the poop, and also get bags if you don’t have any with you.

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