10 Things You Must Know the Next Time You Travel with Your Small Dog

How Travel with Your Small Dog?

Whether it is your dream vacation, or a tour with the kids, business engagement or an emergency situation, you need to Travel with Your Dog and whether you can take it with you. Unfortunately, there are situations you do not have any choice and you must take your small dog with you. But relax, it is not that hard to travel with your small dog. You just need to be prepared. Which is why we will hurry and give you the top 10 things you must know the next time you travel with your small dog:

  • It is important to get aware if the hotel you will stay accepts pets. Yes, your pet is a very small dog, but it is not about the size, but a policy that these types of hotels follow, so make sure you will not remain with no place to crash for the night.
  • Crate is not just a great convenience to hold simply and comfortably your small dog, but also a must, if you travel with your pet for the first time. Get the least crate you can find, because too much space might be a trouble for the small dog. On the other side, there are transportations companies that require their passengers to carry pets in specially tailored crates. Speaking of which…
  • Not all transportation companies allow pets – including small dogs – on their means of transportation. It is not even only about specific airplane companies, because there are bus companies that do not allow you to take even your cat.
  • Yet, if you are allowed to take your small dog whether on the plane, the bus, or the ship, and you are going abroad, there are documents you need to prepare. Like all human beings, a small dog will need a passport, medicine insurance and a document that all vaccines against serious diseases are taken.
  • Your small dog needs some board baggage at hand, too. Usually, for a small dog, their owners bring some clothes, if it gets cold, favorite food, as well as toys just in case the animal starts feeling bad about the travel. Well, they have feelings and they can panic, too. Food is very important. If you have a Yorkshire terrier, please note that they have sensitive stomach and you must feed them only with high quality yorkie food. If you have other small breed inform yourself or ask your vet
  • There might be some stress during the first travel for your small dog. Other small dogs experience it each time. What we recommend you is to leave home earlier so you can have enough time to adapt your dog to what is going on. Communicate with the puppy, so it can be able to realize that the most precious creature to it – yourself – is around.
  • Make sure not to feed the small dog right before the flight or the travel in general. Sometimes, the stress we are talking about above can cause nausea to the animal. As a matter of fact, this is an ordinary thing for people, too, so you can understand what it`s like to feel stressed about the travel, but double he shock if you are a small puppy that feels so scary on a place it has been never before.
  • You need to provide the safety for the rest of the passengers. Mostly, make sure that your small puppy is not close to passengers that show sense of fear of it. Also, be aware that pregnant women and babies can develop allergic reaction, so stay away. Too old people have weaker immune system and your dog might be a risk for them, as well.
  • There might be sickness during the travel and you need to provide packs necessary accessories and items to help your small dog. Ask your vet, if he can provide you with some medicine for the case.
  • The toilet need is always the biggest risk during the travel. Well, you cannot predict your puppy`s toilet need, but at least you can take it to the toilet right before the departure. Make sure to do so, as well.

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