3 Important steps to stop Dog Barking

It is natural for your dog to bark and it is their way of communication along with energy and body language. Dogs bark to express excitement and also to protect their territory or belongings.

But these types of barking do not last very long and dogs stop barking after a while. But when you feel that your dog is barking too much, he must be very bored or wants a stimulation, whether mental or physical.

Leader of the Pack

A lot of times, excessive barking tells you that the problem is not in the dog but the human controlling it, that is, his pet parents. The dog needs to tell you that something is not right about the pack and only way he can tell you is by barking.

Exercise and discipline is important for both mental and physical stimulation that your dog desperately needs. Show lots of love and affection to your dog only when he is in calm and submissive behavior.

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Control the Excitement

You must have observed any dog owner whose dog starts barking and the dog owner picks up his dog and starts showing affection and petting his pet dog. This is completely wrong approach and should be corrected.

When you show affection and attention to your dog, he thinks that he is doing something right and that’s why he has been rewarded with your attention and affection and that right thing here is his barking behavior.

Control his exciting behavior and wait till the time your dogs becomes calm and submissive.

Discipline and Exercise

The solution is easy. Provide your dog maximum exercise and discipline by giving him commands to follow and reward him with treats when he follows those commands. Important is that you do not reward his bad behavior by giving him affection and attention after he do something inappropriate.

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