3 Top Residential Dog Training Tools

Residential Dog Training Tools

Training your dog can be easy with the right tools and the help of a residential dog training Preston expert. Knowing which residential dog training tools are the most effective is important, as this will make training your dog that much easier and a lot more fun.

Many dog owners will try the leash and collar method of training their dog and get very little results. If you are struggling with a leash and collar to train your dog, keep reading as we take a look at some of the top residential dog training devices.

3 Top Residential Dog Training Devices

Whistle- a whistle is a very effective residential dog training tool that can be heard from a distance. You can train your dog to respond to a dog whistle using different sounds for certain commands, such as stay and come.

Clicker- often used in agility classes, a clicker is a small plastic residential dog training tool that produces a clicking noise when pressed. The click can be used as a cue that your dog has done something properly. you should follow the click with a treat, so your dog will begin to associate the noise with a reward. With some practice, you won’t need to use the clicker and you can just say “Yes” to your dog as a sign of approval.

Harness- a harness is a type of collar that is worn around your dog’s torso. It can be used as a much more reliable replacement for a standard collar and the leash. Harnesses are especially effective for larger dog breeds or dogs who like to pull when going for a walk.

These are all excellent tools that can be used to teach your dog the basics, but residential dog training can still provide the best results. If you are looking for the best residential dog training, choose the residential dog training Preston dog owners trust most. Dog Harmony has the knowledge and experience you need to ensure that your dog receives the training he needs.

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To learn more top residential dog training devices and accessories, contact Dog Harmony today and speak to an expert dog trainer who can help train your dog to be easier to manage and a lot more fun.

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