4 Best Tips for English Bulldog Owner ( Must Know )

Utility Information An Owner Of English Bulldog

Owning an English bulldog is really a grand idea because it is one of the best breeds available for grooming and enjoying a lovable pet at home. But before you take home an adorable bulldog, you need to know at least these 4 important points so that you can take the best care of your pet.

They are not furious watch dogs

By nature, Bulldogs are lovable breed. Despite their muscular appearance, they are not very active type and they love to be cuddled like small babies. They love to be on the lap of their owners. These bulgy babies are prone to catch allergies and that is why they should be lived in dust-free rooms preferably with an air conditioner or air humidifier on.

Common diseases of Bulldogs

Besides being prone to allergy and common digestive flatulence issue, bulldogs are prone to develop some orthopedic issues like hip dysplasia. It has been surveyed worldwide that almost 74{c1b2a852e96c6e4b46c3b9ed658b6a27812aa942ec946ce07348d1429676b99e} bulldogs suffer from this disease and that affects their mobility to a great extent. It is always better to take necessary precaution to prevent this bone issue.

Best foods for Bulldogs

A grown-up Bulldog demands at least 1358 caloric intake at daily basis, and they need protein (22{c1b2a852e96c6e4b46c3b9ed658b6a27812aa942ec946ce07348d1429676b99e} for puppies and 18{c1b2a852e96c6e4b46c3b9ed658b6a27812aa942ec946ce07348d1429676b99e} for adult dogs) and moderate fat enriched foods. According to vets, a bulldog puppy may need 8{c1b2a852e96c6e4b46c3b9ed658b6a27812aa942ec946ce07348d1429676b99e} fat in its diet, whereas an adult bulldog needs 5{c1b2a852e96c6e4b46c3b9ed658b6a27812aa942ec946ce07348d1429676b99e} fat.  Therefore, if you want to select balanced and best dog food for English Bulldogs, it is always wise to go for a good branded dog food that is free from the artificial flavor, colors, and sweeteners. In addition to this, egg, milk, and some selected proteins should not be added to these dogs’ diet. You may try the most approved Best Dog Food For English Bulldogs according to your vet to be on the safer side of nutritious feeding of your fur baby.

Trivia for keeping an English bulldog as a happy pet

Learn these interesting facts about English bulldog if you have decided to bring one in your home.

  • The growth of Bulldogs is really slow: a bulldog puppy may take more than 2 years time to reach its full physical maturity
  • Bulldogs are never very active: do not expect them to run and play at random
  • They need regular exercise to reduce the risk of developing bone problem in their later life but they are mostly reluctant type
  • Hot and humid atmosphere make these dogs uncomfortable and irritated.

These are 4 interesting information for you if you have decided to adopt English Bulldogs as your pet. More you know about this dog breed, your experience to maintain your bulldog will be easier for you.

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