The 5 Best Dog Training Apps In Today’s Market

5 Best Dog Training Apps

Enlist the top dogs to train your new puppy how to behave. Master simple commands in no time with these 5 dog training apps. It will make a world of difference, even if you are used to training puppies the old school way — without a smartphone. Look to these apps as a brand new world of performing dog training.

  1. Dog Clicker And iClicker

Dog Clicker And iClicker

The first on the list is best for anyone who needs to keep training going while they are out on a walk. What, you cannot carry a clicker and your smartphone? Then you need iClicker or its Android-friendly cousin, Dog Clicker. If your dog training is falling on deaf ears, you need to get Pet Coach. It takes some of the strain and stress of raising a pup. Trainers and even vets are available on this app and that is a big help when Fido seems indifferent to his doggy parents, especially if you normally had overly-eager-to-please puppies.

  1. Puppy House Training: Building A Routine

When you have a puppy, it is like having a toddler. They have no idea about the rules, can be stubborn, and do what they like when they like. They have no sense of time either, and get antsy at 6 in  the morning, much to the dismay of the rest of the family, including older dogs and cats in the home.

Puppy House Training

All dogs have one thing in common — they both love and crave structure, and it is the one thing you can love too. Structure or a set daily routine ensures that you take the puppy out for pee breaks at set intervals. Especially small and medium-sized puppies have smaller bladders and cannot hold their pee as long as adult dogs. That means if they are running loose around the house they may make a lot of unnecessary, foul-smelling messes and stains on carpets, floors, and upholstery.

A regular to-do list or a calendar that has an alarm to ring every time the puppy will need to go outside to relieve themselves is useful. But you know you can do better. You need Puppy House Training to get you on schedule. The whole household can track when Fido went outside, and what they did — pee or doo.

Take them to the same spot and on the leash until they learn where you want them to go. It is a pain in the neck, but well worth it when your flowerbed is still in tact and your grass is not all yellowed and patchy. Get Puppy House Training for iPhone to build a journal of all that’s come out in a day.

  1. Tagg: For The Escape Artist

Have you ever had a little adventurer, the kind who is fearless, curious, and maybe too much so for their own good? Some dogs just want to sniff around the neighborhood, without realizing there is a busy street out front or a dognapper stealing cute puppies like yours. Get Tagg, pay the fee to track them and get the annual subscription.

Until you know for sure whether you have fearless Fido the adventurer or the type of pup who is your second shadow, you need this app. After that, you can cancel if you have scaredy dog quivers when you leave the room.

  1. Dog Tricks & Bark Machine

This one has tips to answer any problematic behavior from anxiety pee to jumping up or nipping at friends. It comes complete with pictures, which is helpful to understand the fix for unwanted behavior.

  1. Dog Trainer Pro

This is a must-have and is a bonus because it is absolutely free. It teaches you the basics to be better at training your puppy. Whether you are adopting a puppy, refreshing training with your adult dog, or adopting an older dog, you need to train them. Even when you are at wit’s end with their behavior they really are looking to you for approval and love.

Dog Trainer

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That rounds out the list of the top 5 dog apps for both iPhone and Android platforms. Keep looking for the latest apps as they are constantly being unrolled and unveiled. One is sure to stick and become the go-to app.

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