5 Top Tips for Buying a Horse Rug

If you are reading this, chances are you need some help buying the right horse rug, or are just looking for tips in order to save money. In either case and without further ado, here are five tips that are sure to help, provided of course you follow them.

  1. Size Things Up

Horses really do come in every shape and size, from the tiny Shetland pony to the towering shire horse. Therefore, one size definitely does not fit all when looking to buy horse rugs.

For this reason, it is super important to always measure your horse(s) ahead of shopping for rugs. Guessing or estimating might well get you a rug that you can fit onto your horse, but just as us humans don’t enjoy ill-fitting clothes and suffer often when wearing them so too do horses.

Hence, measure your horse – and to know how andwhere to measure them precisely, refer to this Youtube video guide created by the Your Horse Online team.

  1. Weighing Up Your Options

Horse blankets are made and sold according to both a denier and as well weight rating.

In summary, denier ratings referto the durability and the thickness of the yarn used to make a horse rug. Weight, meanwhile, refers to exactly that: the weight of a rug, which is measured in grams.

Horse rugs can come unstuffed right up to those which are stuffed so densely that they can exceed 400g. Consequently, it is important to decide what denier and weight rug your horse requires, and this will depend on several factors.

The three major factors to always keep in mind are the size of your horse, the season and your horse’s coat, including whether it is clipped.

For those unsure about how to asses these factors and combine them to come to a conclusion as to what weight of rug to opt for, you might find the Equestrian Buzz Blog Guide to Horse Rugs makes an insightful and reassuring read.

  1. Buy Online to Bag the Best Deal

When you do come to buying, reconsider hitting the high street or your local equestrian supply store. Such places are often few and far between. Consequently, many people find they are faced with either a poor selection and / or sky-high prices.

In contrast, the internet is awash with equine supply stores that for the most part will offer a wide and diverse selection of horse rugs and will have all you need, whatever size, type or design you are looking to buy. Without the overheads high street stores have to factor in when marking p their prices too, online often proves the cheaper place to shop. If you are nervous about buying online or don’t know which stores to trust, begin with an established and well known UK supplier such as Ride-away.

  1. Buy a Rug that Doubles Up

Fleece rugs are one of the most versatile kinds of horse rugs going; investing in a decent quality one can negate the need to buy separate cooler, travel and stable rugs. This is because fleece is a material which is able to both retain heat in order to prevent a horse from becoming cold whilst also being a ‘breathable’ material which means that it simultaneously prevents a horse from overheating.

  1. Know When to Rug a Horse

Horses needn’t always be rugged. Hence, you can instantly save a lot of time, money and effort otherwise wasted by simply knowing when to rug your horse, and as well by avoiding buying rugs that your horse might not need or benefit from wearing.

Some broader and more robust horses, especially those with thicker natural coats, needn’t even require wearing a rug whilst out in winter. Meanwhile, many horses needn’t wear a summer rug, especially if they are only out during the daylight hours when the temperature is likely to remain at a sufficient level to negate the need for a horse to be rugged and doing so could result in a horse overheating.

Then, it is worth, ahead of buying any horse rug, speaking with your horse’s vet and seeking their expert advice on what rugs your horse might require or benefit from wearing and when. If you simply rely on the advice provided by an equestrian supplier, it is likely you will end up forking out more money and buying more rugs than your horse might need; after all, supply companies have an agenda.

Meanwhile, you can also learn more about whether and when to rug a horse by giving the Natural Horse World article: Should I Rug My Horse or Not?a read through.

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