6 Tips For Finding Your Lost Pet

Anyone who loves their pets will tell you that even the thought of them being lost is like a nightmare come true. After all, pets are as innocent as young children and even more helpless at times. This is why Pettronix has introduced a simple device that lets you track your dogs at all times via GPS and without the restrictions or costs of an associated data plan. However, what if your pet is already lost and you didn’t put a tracking device on them? In that case, you will have to find other ways of finding your pet, and while they won’t be as effective as tracking a dog down by following a clear GPS signal, they can most definitely maximize your chances of finding a lost animal.

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Prioritize the Search

Searching for your lost pet should take priority above all else because it is quite literally a matter of life and death. The more time goes by, the less it is likely that you will find your dog or cat, and if your pet happens to be something even smaller, time is of the utmost essence.

Print Out Multiple Copies of Your Pet’s Best Photos

If you cannot find your pet anywhere nearby after searching thoroughly, the next step is to find the clearest photo of your pet and print out multiple copies in detailed color. The clarity of the photo and the details are very important, as that tell people what to look for if they come across a lost animal.

Go to the Nearby Shelters with the Photos

Aside from putting up pictures on nearby trees, walls, telephone posts, bulletin boards or wherever you see fit, do visit the animal shelters with them too. Shelters are usually where people turn over lost pets they find, so they should have the pictures as well.

Post Ads

In addition to posts on Social media (complete with pictures), you should also use the newspaper. Newspaper ads can be expensive, so limit the word count to a contact number and a detailed photo.

Offer a Reward

The signs, ads, and posts you put up will be a lot more effective if there is a promise of a reward for finding the pet. It goes without saying that a high reward will likely encourage more people to look for your four-legged friend.

Keep Your Phone Handy

The last thing you would want is to miss a call from someone who had seen your pet, or better yet, has him/her! You have given everyone your number for a purpose, so keep your phone charged, nearby and switched on all the time.

It might also be worthwhile to pay a visit to the local veterinarian clinics and hospitals because that’s where kind people will most likely take your pet if he/she happens to be unfortunate enough to get injured along the way. Most of all though, you will need to do the bulk of the searching by yourself because nobody else will search for your loved ones as hard as you will.

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