Basic Horse Care Information and Guidelines

Guidelines for Horse Care

If you are a beginner in caring for horses, you will want to give it your best. However, horse care guidelines also apply to those with experience because there is always something new to learn. Good horse care, especially in relation to health and nutrition, will ensure that you have a fun and enjoyable time with your horse.

The basics of taking care of your horse are not rocket science but simple things like giving the horse water, feed, supplements, shelter, and exercise. So, read through this guide to get insights on how to go about this.

Basic Care Guidelines

Whether you have one or many horses on your farm, you need to make time to interact with them. Horse experts recommend checking on them daily even when you are not involved in any activity with them. If they have to graze in the fields, ensure that the field has no poisonous plants that can put their health at risk. Probably, you need some form of boundary to confine them in a safe area. The good thing is that there is technology that can be used to achieve this. Additionally, proper horse skincare must be maintained at all times to ensure that their skin does not become infested with parasites.

Feed and Water

Horses must have access to appropriate feed, especially hay and chaff, which provide roughage. Their bodies are biologically set to handle dry grass in a better way than green and soft grass. If your fields are running out of dry grass, supplementary feeding is highly recommended. You can buy horse feed in various stores. For the animal to remain healthy, it requires an ample supply of clean water every day.

Supplements and Medication

In order for your horse to be healthy, you have to give it various supplements, vaccinations, and other medications. After spending some time grazing in the fields, worms and bacterial infection can take a toll on its health. Make sure that supplements and medication are recommended by a qualified horse vet and that they are bought from a reliable source like the Equestrizone website. With these steps, you can rest assured that the horse will have a healthy life ahead.


Just like humans and domestic animals, horses must have appropriate shelter. If they are exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain, snowstorms, and sun, the horse will not only suffer psychologically but also in health. Ensure that the stable is in good condition by cleaning and fumigating it to keep ticks and other parasites away from the horses. It is easy to maintain the hygiene of the horse stable at all times with a good plan.


Did you know that a horse must exercise regularly to maintain good health and fitness? For those horses that are involved in sports like racing and polo, exercise should be even more regular and extensive than for horses that are kept for personal use. Since caring for a horse is a hobby, it will be fun to exercise with your horse.

Well, with these insights at your fingertips, your horse will remain healthy, fit, and happy at all times. You will enjoy spending more time with your horse when it is in its prime.

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