Benefits of having a tiny dog breed

tiny dog breed

It is hard to find a person who doesn’t love dogs as they become an excellent house pet. There are more than 100 various breeds of dogs from where a person can take his pick. According to many, the tiny dog breeds, like the Chihuahua happens to be better compared to a bigger dog, like a big Dane. Smaller dogs can be taken care of more effectively than a bigger dog. For a starter, the smaller dogs make lesser messes and so, there is little left for cleaning.

Commonly, the smaller dogs fail to reach things that are kept on counters and tables and so, they do not become successful in creating a big mess besides eating the food which is kept on the kitchen table. Again, the smaller dogs are considered as better as they stink less. Every dog irrespective of his size does smell horrible and a panting dog during the summer season is never viewed as a goodthing. When the dog is smaller then it stenches lesser too. People find it easier to walk with a smaller dog and when they take a smaller dog, then they do not push over other dogs. Another important thing about getting a smaller dog breed is people can easily take control over them.

When you have a bigger dog breed, then you will find it difficult to have control over it as it is big. On the contrary, when a small dog misbehaves, then the dog owner would pick it up simply and then, they come in control. Finally, it has got proved that small dogs live for an extended period. A larger dog breed commonly lives for nearly 7-8 years but a small dog can live much more than that. So, when you possess a small dog and when it has become older, then you will be able to take care of it in an improved manner.

The interesting smaller dog breeds

  • Border Terrier – These dogs are a working and tough breed of dog and they instinctively chase plus hunt animals and so, the dog owners are required to be vigilant all the time.
  • Boston Terrier – Boston Terrier dogs are superb with children and they lack the fiery temperament of the usual Terriers. Again, they are intelligent and dapper and love a lot of attention.
  • Brussels Griffon – These dogs emerge as curious, loyal, and alert and they are found in a smooth-coated variety, known as Brabancons.

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