Choose the Best Dog Bed for a Good Night Sleep

How To Choose Best Dog Bed?

Having a dog is like having a new member of your family. Now there are some owners who let the canines snuggle with them on their bed, but then it is difficult to that every single day. To make your dog all snug and comfortable, you need to get him a cozy bed.

Picking a dog bed is not as easy as it seems. Now you can select from a simple bed and luxury dog bed, polyfil or foam bed. There are just so many options to choose from. So before you just get lazy and pick up the first small soft mattress you see, you can keep some of these tips and guidelines in mind.

How to choose the best dog bed for a good night sleep?

Here are some tips for picking out the best bed for your pet:

Best Dog Bed 


Right Measurements

Measure the dimensions with utmost care. This needs to be in regard to the size of your dog. Obviously, the bed also doesn’t need to be a territory where your dog fits exactly. Some excess space would be good for your dog if the dog just wants to shift its sleeping position or have a nice relaxing stretch.

It is a rule amongst many dog buyers to keep the bed 12 inches longer than the size of your dog. Also if you are buying a bed for a pup, they also ensure the bed size is enough to cater to their size (as puppies grow fast). The Louis Dog linen dog bed and Posh Puppy Boutique luxury dog Cuna Moses Bed are great picks for smaller dogs or puppies.


Having a dog means having more washing to do. In their bed itself, they are bound to leave traces of hair or drools from last night’s yawns. Some dogs might get leaky unexpectedly. So washing the bed sometime in the week is inevitable.

Therefore, it is advisable to look at the washing instructions of the mattress and the bed before you purchase it. A washable bed is needed for hygiene too to prevent fleas and to maintain odor in the house.

Right Temperature

Dogs have different bodies than us and our furry friends need more protection from a change of weather than us. For good health and comfort, you need to select a bed that has the right insulation properties. On winter nights, if they wander on the cold tiles, it might create joint problems for them. Therefore, a bed with the right temperature management is useful. Such beds will discourage them from stepping out and keep them warm and snug.

Different dogs, different needs

Age and health conditions of the dogs also need to be understood while choosing the right bed. Soft orthopedic beds with cool gel memory foam technology are useful for overweight or arthritic dogs. It provides cushioning for joints and bones. Durability does not matter much in this case as the old dog would just lie patiently. However, the situation is quite the opposite with younger active dogs. The bed and mattress should be durable if he is going on a playful rampage chewing on anything.

So, get your dog the bed it deserves!


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