Best Foods for Dogs

Dogs play a vital role in our lives if we have one of them as a pet. Dogs are very friendly in nature and loyal as well. People like to play with them, feed them, and take them on an outing as well. You can find different types of dog’s breeds and they can be purchased from the shops where they are sold. One of the loveliest breeds is Yorkshire terriers. These are tiny dogs with fur all around their body.

Mainly called as Yorkies, these dogs are very pretty and gentle in behavior. They like to play around with people but act suspiciously with strangers. Yorkies like to eat a lot and mainly eat dry foods. It has been suggested that these dogs should be given 45-55 calories per pound of their body weight per day. Generally, a Yorkie weighs 4-5 pounds but can extend to 10-12 pounds as well. Moreover, the most important ingredient that should be fed to these dogs is nutrients. Fish oil is also considered good for Yorkies and the food should contain a certain amount of fish oil in it. These dogs are generally healthy but may face health issues due to improper foods. A good Yorkie food must contain nutrients, calcium, carbohydrates, and fish oil in a proper amount.


Many manufacturers sell Yorkies purses which can be used for keeping the dog in it. It appears to be stylish and makes you comfortable in carrying your pet with you. Yorkies don’t like to be left alone for a long and that’s why people who own these dogs always take them on an outing wherever they go. Some of the benefits of having Yorkies as pet are –

  • These dogs are very friendly in behavior and will never cause any harm.
  • Possess a good health and you don’t have to visit a doctor frequently for them.
  • The foods which they eat are not very costly at all.
  • Can be carried easily to any place.

Moreover, if you have a Yorkie at your place then, you will never get bored as you will be involved in it all the time. Dogs are quite intelligent as well and they can do a couple of your works if trained perfectly. Therefore, there can be many benefits of having a dog as a pet in your house. And, if you have a Yorkie then, you don’t need anything else. Sometimes, these dogs may come across health issues like patellar luxation and Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA. Patellar luxation causes a walking problem and a Yorkie suffering from this disease will walk with a limp. On the other hand, PRA is a kind of eye disorder and may result in blindness.

But, with a good diet, these diseases can be avoided. Therefore, it is very important that you feed you Yorkie with dry foods that are rich in nutrients and carbohydrates. Yorkshire terriers are one of the best breeds of dogs and you will love their company in your house.

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