Have you chosen the best dog beds for your fur baby?

What will you consider the most when you are going to buy a bed for your dog?

Here are some import parts to choose the dog bed.

  1. Consider Size
  2. Know Your Dog¡¯s Personality
  3. Research Types of Beds
  4. Choose the Filling
  5. Complement Your Apartment

It is a little easy to find the nice size bed for small dogs but I think you will take much time to find the suitable one for your large dogs.

We will give you some advices from the happy customer who bought the nice beds for their dog and you can learn the ways from them.

1.Tinker 2 and her 22lb Cavaier King Charles Spaniel

After reading some reviews, I was skeptica this was a good pad for the price. Many reviews were good though, and I have Prime, so I took the chance. I was half way expecting the thin cheap egg crate many “orthopedic” beds have, that pack down quickly. I was worried the seams would rip easily.

Well FORTUNATLEY I got a good, no GREAT one! The egg crate is the thick, firm kind that will not pack soon. It’s a FULL 4″ thick. The bottom of the zip on cover is what I would describe as a thin canvas. The top is a soft fleece, blanket type, that my dog loves! The seams are tight, zipper is put in well. I fully expect this to last a LONG time.

The medium is perfect for my 22lb Cavaier King Charles Spaniel. I take him with me to horse shows, where he spends his 3-4 days (several walks and getting out to play with people each day) in his happy place, his kennel. I have a larger one than what most people use at home for a nighttime sleeping crate. So he can move around easy and have a water bowl.

The medium sized pad measurements are exactly as described in the item description, and is perfect for my crate.

2.victoria_hmb nad his little baby

I love this little bed! Because dogs will always smell like dogs no matter what amazing shampoo you find, and I have a short haired shedder as well, I have been working on getting my dog to stop jumping onto the sofa to sleep. But, all I had on the floor for him was one of those flat beds with the cushioned ring, no cushioning on the bed part. I had it originally for the sofa, to keep him confined to at least one area of the sofa, but the sofa was still getting dog-smelly.

Every time I walked away he was jumping on the sofa, or else would catch him longingly staring at “his” spot on the sofa. So I got this bed to give him a spot next to the sofa that would be as comfortable as the sofa, and I have to tell you that it is working like a charm. The first thing I did was to sit on the cushion with him and cuddle, and to check for myself its comfort level. I can affirm that it is a comfy and springy cushion, and that my dog loves his cushioned bed. He has been using it from the day I put it down on the floor, and has been staying off of the sofa.

3.Violin and her 100 lb Golden Retriever

I purchased this bed August 8th, 2017, for our 100 lb Golden Retriever. He is a very large dog and very lengthy when he stretches out. I have purchased him other beds and he has shredded them so i was nervous purchasing this bed. I liked the fact that i could remove the cover and wash it. Golden’s shed and i need something i could wash, i have also used my hand held vacuum to vacuum the cover.

The main reason for the purchase was our Golden was getting pressure point calluses from where he laid on the floor all the time. he is only 2 and that concerned me. I have also purchased him other beds that he would not get on if they felt like they were moving under his feet he would not get on the bed. When we received the bed i placed it on the floor and my husband laid down on it and called the dog over, he got on the bed and laid down and since then there are times he doesn’t want to get off the bed.

I have washed the cover at least 6 times now and it remains in-tack. My husband said i made our dog a lazy dog when i purchased this bed. I will purchase this bed again when it wears out when ever that is. It has lasted longer than any dog we have purchased for our dog.

We recommend you read their reviews and size chart before you purchase the cute bed for you dogs.

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