Can I Feed My Dog Raw Chicken?

Benefits of the Raw Chicken

Meat is a basic source of protein in dog nutrition. It is rich in protein, which is an essential source of energy for dogs. Therefore, dog food must be rich in protein of animal origin (meat, fish, and eggs).

Meat meal must be made of both easily digestible parts (clean meat) and low-fat parts – more difficult to digest (tendons, skin  …). However, dogs are not exclusive carnivores and do not eat only meat.

A nutritious, balanced meal of a healthy dog ​​should contain meat (a good source of protein) and fats that contain essential fatty acids, grains, and vegetables as sources of carbohydrates. Dog food must also contain enough vitamins and minerals for the body’s needs.

Opinions on the diet of raw meat dogs are very divided. Experts and dog breeders who consider this type of diet the best, think that the dog is fed the same way as his ancestors were fed and that ancestor wolf hunted and ate all the raw prey, while on the other hand, we have those who they consider the diet to be even dangerous for our pets who have not been in the wild for a long time. Below you will see that this disagreement is fully justified.

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Benefits of the Raw Chicken

If you feed your dog raw chicken meat, you will certainly provide some benefits to their overall health. The benefits of raw chicken in the diet of dogs are as follows:

1. They will receive the necessary nutrients in their original form (which are not processed as in dog food);

2. It will provide him with a high level of energy and will feel better and stronger;

3. They will have significantly healthier hair and skin;

4. They will have clean teeth and a pleasant breath;

5. Digestion will be adequately regulated. One should know that it is a misconception that a dog will become aggressive if it eats raw meat.

You can hear owners complaining that their dogs show signs of allergy while eating raw chicken or other raw meat, but know that this is another fallacy. They are allergic to the ingredient or that food, but not to “raw”. The aforementioned benefits of such a diet come primarily from the recorded experiences of dog owners and veterinarians who support the raw diet.

How Important Raw Chicken For Dogs Health? 

When you dog has suffering differnt type of food dieses and not taking any common food then a raw chicken is perfect. As a dog owner raw chicken is most important for groth. You also can visit to vet to get suggestion about the raw chicken.

Tests of raw chicken meat, as well as other types of meat, showed a worrying level of bacteria and parasites in them. It is the other side of this diet and should not be neglected.

Many chicken samples have found bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Salmonella and Listeria, which can cause a variety of infections, from mild to severe and parasitic toxoplasmosis, which can also be contagious to humans. Look out for chicken bones too, they can be big and sharp and can break a dog’s tooth or damage its internal organs.

Although raw chicken is very nutritious and extremely protein-rich, be careful about choosing this meat just as you choose for yourself. They should be fed chicken that feeds people as well.

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