Is My Cat Truly Happy & Signs That Show You She Is

Signs That Show You cat Is happy

There are many signs that tell you if your barking buddy is happy, but how to tell if your cat is truly happy? Sometimes it’s easy to tell that our cat is happy, like purring and cuddling, but cats are subtle creatures and sometimes you can’t really tell if she’s happy or not unless you know exactly what signs to look for.

Is My Cat Truly Happy

                                                             Is My Cat Truly Happy?

You Get a Warm Welcome

You’ll know whether your cat is happy or not by the welcome you get when you wake up in the morning, or by mewing you hear through the door when you get back home from work. If your cat is happy to see you after not seeing you for some time, (it could be 2 to 3 hours or a few days) she will show you that right away. My cats usually start to rub their face and body around my ankles. I have tripped couple of times, so be careful, their tails would also be straight and upright.

Your Cat Is Vocal

Cats make all sorts of noises, to ask for food, a cuddle, to go outside, to tell us that they are too cold. And there is very special sound that they make to tell us they are happy; it’s kind of like responding to our chat. Purring sound is a great indicator that she’s happy, but being vocal is a great sign too. Lower pitch sounds for instance can indicate that your cat wants something or that she’s frustrated.

The Slow Blink

Closing their eyes in the presence of another creature is a sign of great trust in the world of cats. You may have noticed how your cat is slowly blinking when she looks at you or she looks at you with her eyes half closed. That’s how they are showing their love and affection toward us. So next time your cat does this tell her that you love her too by slowly blinking at her.

Playful Behavior

As cats get older they may not like to play as much like they used to when they were kittens but they still have a sense of fun. Cats will show you that they are happy and want to play in many ways. Per instance you will see her lying on her side twitching her tail.

Having a Healthy Appearance

Cats are similar to humans. When we are sad or depressed we take bad care of ourselves and look, well let’s say not our finest. It’s the same with cats. Cat that grooms herself regularly and looks healthy is a happy cat.

 I Have Something for You Mummy

By paw4paw we found another sign of a happy cat is little disgusting, they offer you a present.  And it’s not a present you would want to keep or even see. ..  Cats are known hunters, so as a sign of great respect and love they offer you a dead mouse or a rat, sometimes pigeons or if you live in apartment, butterfly or some other insect. Wonderful isn’t it? If this happens do not yell at your cat, they fought really hard to bring you this “delicious” meal. Just pet you cat for a moment and when she’s gone throw that to trash.

Keep in Mind:

We can’t forget the part we have to play in our cat‘s happiness.

  • Cats need to have fresh food and water every day
  • Our purry buddies are very clean animals, so their litter box has to be cleaned a couple of times a day
  • Do not stop her grooming or sleepy time, cats hate that
  • Do not pet her anytime you want to, let your cat come to you

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