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Dry or Damp Dog Food: Which is much better?

Have you been feeding completely dry dog food to your dog just since you were informed that it stopped tarter as well as an oral condition? Dry food does not stop oral condition, as well as damp or canned food, does not trigger oral issues.…

How to Clean a Kennel – Step by Step Guide

Learn how to clean the kennel and keep the environment organized and sanitized. Knowing how to properly clean the kennel is crucial, as hygiene is at the top of the list when it comes to the pet’s quality of life. We have prepared a…

What Not To Feed Your Dog

Once your beloved pooch has worked their way into your heart (and everyone else's), it can sometimes be hard to resist those big puppy dog eyes looking up at you whilst you are enjoying a meal or snack. But it’s important to know what foods…

How to Deal with a Restless Puppy

The first day of your new pup may not go as smoothly as you planned. You may wake up in the middle of the night because your four-legged friend seems to be so full of life that he or she can’t stop barking, running, or even howling.