Do Cats need baths?

Why Do need Cat bath regularly?

Cat baths

Most cats are punctilious when it comes to grooming themselves. Apart from playing they often spend a huge part of the day sleeping and grooming. This leads many new cat owners to ask themselves; does my cat need a bath? Are you supposed to give cats baths? Do outdoor and persian cats need baths?

Do cats need baths?

Yes, cats do need baths regularly. However, the amount of times you need to give them a good wash largely depends on their age, overall health condition, and type of fur. In this article, we will look at the circumstances when cats need baths and help you choose the best cat shampoo.

Indoors cats may need baths less frequently than outdoor cats, and long haired cats will need a bath more often than short haired ones.

is it bad to give your cat a bath?
give your cat a bath

Cats are known to be inquisitive and curious creatures, and this often leads them to situations where they become dirty and may need a bath. Before we get into the circumstances when your cat needs a bath, let’s first look at the things to remember while buying cat shampoo.

How to choose the best cat shampoo?

When choosing a shampoo, please remember not to use baby or human shampoo on cats as they can cause various skin problems and avoid using any cat shampoo that contains artificial dyes or petrochemicals.

Keeping the above points in mind, you can choose an ideal cat shampoo.

Circumstances when cats need a bath:

Older Cat:

As cats get older, they will be unable to groom every part of their body due to bone and joint problems which are natural with age.

Smelling Cat:

Sometimes you may experience a situation where you cat really begins to stink without any obvious reasons.

On some occasions, a bath may be mandatory, especially when the liquid that drops on you cat is poisonous in nature. Eg: Floor & Sink Cleaners.

Dirty Cat:

Even though indoor cats don’t get dirty very often as outdoor cats, they tend to get themselves into situations where they end up covered in dust, sugar, makeup, etc.

Cat with Dandruff:

As cats age, they tend to develop dandruff which is made up of dead skin cells and this Dandruff can be removed by giving your cat a bath. There are special cat shampoos available to treat cat dandruff.

Cat with Fleas:

Fleas bite and feed on the blood of your cat which in turn causes itching and irritation. Fleas can be easily removed from your cat by using right cat shampoo.

Cat with Diarrhea:

Most cats experience diarrhea in their lifetime, and it ends up leaving a lot of feces stuck its fur. In such a circumstance it is not advisable to let the cat groom itself, as your cat can end up licking the feces and aggravating the problem.

Now that you know the circumstances in which your cat needs a bath,

Let us take a look at when to start and how often to bathe you cat.

Short Haired Cats:

Short haired cats don’t need a bath every week, but I recommend you give them a bath once every month.

Long Haired Cats

Long haired cats need more baths regularly to remove loose fur and clean her coat clean.

Hairless Cats:

These cats produce a lot of oil on their skin, and therefore they need a bath every week.


I hope the above guide was helpful, remember to bathe your cat in a timely manner with the right cat shampoo so that you can improve the quality of life for your lovely cat.

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