Checklist for Buying a new Horse

Buying a new Horse

When it comes to buying a horse, you will likely have many questions and ideas that you would like to go over. Buying something as expensive as a horse means being ready to put in no small amount of effort on your part. After all, with so much to learn about and research, you will find that horse buying needs you to follow a certain protocol.

With so much to think about, when you find the ‘right’ horse for you it can leave you very excited. In the excitement, it can all pass through you and you forget some of the most important components in the selection of a good horse. If you would like a helping hand in making the right choice with regards to the right horse for you, then we have a simple but effective checklist that you can use.

Done right, this should make it much easier for you to ensure that you can get a horse that lives up to expectation and performance. Take a look at the checklist below, and you might just find that the challenge of finding a horse that you can work with becomes much easier!

Horse Buying Checklist

  1. Make sure the horse fits your need. If you are going to buy a horse for a small farm or just for pleasure riding, then avoid looking at stallions; they are simply not cut out for this kind of life.
  2. Take the time to look at the mood of the horse, too. You might find that the horse is quite a moody horse that does not handle changes in circumstance very well.
  3. Look at the age of the horse, too. Many people want to buy a horse that is quite young and try learn together; you are usually better with a more experienced hose that you can learn with first. If things do not go well together with a younger horse, it’s hard to salvage the relationship.
  4. A more experienced horse will be able to learn more about you quicker, which should make it easier to buy a horse that you can feel comfortable being around.
  5. If you worry that your horse might be too ‘old’ then you should probably speak with the owner more clearly about the kind of life that this horse has led. Lifestyle is more important than age; a horse that was well looked after should have no problems doing well in later life.
  6. Always take the time to make sure you can ride the horse well. If you get a good relationship at the place where the horse is bought from, it’s a good start. If you feel uneasy together from the first time you hop on, though it might not be the match you thought and hoped for.

With this in mind, then, you should keep an eye on the simple tips and checklist solutions above. This can help you get the right style, age and experience needed.

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