Are you considering getting a cat? Well, just like with any other pet purchase you need to consider a number of questions. Cats are far harder to take care of than dogs and other types of pets. Ask yourself these questions to make sure you’re ready, and to choose the best cat for you.

Do You Want a Kitten or an Adult?

Kittens are probably the most adorable baby animal on the planet. They are constantly curious, always energetic, and far more playful than adults. However, this energy can be a little tiresome if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to them. Kittens need to be watched quite frequently and tend to get into trouble easily. When a kitten reaches adulthood, their personality is likely to change drastically, leaving you wondering what went wrong. Adult cats, on the other hand, know exactly what they want. You can even buy a litter for them using this guide and not worry about them growing out of it in the future.

What Does Your Family Consist Of?

You have to think about your family before you buy a cat. Different families mix well with various types of cats. For example, kittens won’t work well with small children or toddlers. Little kids don’t know their own strength, and kittens are rather delicate creatures themselves. The last thing you want is a squished kitty on the living room carpet. If you do have a cat already, make sure you watch intently when your child is playing with it. Cats resent being manhandled and will scratch whoever is annoying them.

What Personality Do You Want?

All cats are different from each other. Dogs tend to be playful in general, and are very predictable pets. Cats aren’t. Like fingerprints, no two cats are the same, even if they are the same breed. Some of them are very chilled out and don’t mind being played with or pushed around. These are the best choice for families with smaller children or the elderly.

Others detest being touched, picked up, or hugged. They will be petted when they ask for it, and not at any other time. If you’re considering a purebred cat, the breeds are easier to predict the behavior of. For example, Persians are more laid-back while exotic breeds are energetic.

How Long Should the Fur Be?

The longer the coat, the more time you have to dedicate to grooming your new cat. Long hair on a cat means grooming them very frequently indeed. This is the only way to stop their hair from matting together. Some cats hate being brushed, so you may have to get their hair cut if you want them to stay clean and healthy.

Short hair doesn’t need nearly as much attention although you should still brush it a few times a month to keep your cat’s coat looking glossy and beautiful. If your cat likes to be groomed, they may even come without being asked when you pull the brush out.

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