Choose the Best Dog Transport Cage or Bag for Your Dog

Dog Transport Cage or Bag for Your Dog

By car, train, bike, on foot, by plane … with all the equipment proposed today, carrying your dog is easier. You carry your dog by car; opt for a transport cage made of metal or plastic. When traveling, if your dog is small there are many models of transport bags for dog – approved airplane if you travel in the cabin with your dog or your cat.

Dogs and other pets are accepted on trains if your dog weighs less than 6 kg. He can then travel in a carrying bag. To make yourself more mobile you can use a dog stroller.

For the protection of your car seats , place a blanket, a protective cover on the rear seats or in the trunk of the vehicle, however, be careful, the code of the road stipulates, a dog, a cat by car is recognized as passenger. He must therefore be attached. For small pets transport bags are perfectly possible because the animal once placed in the bag, all can be connected and securely attached to the seat belt.

For big dogs prefer the transport cage. It is the safest solution for all types of car journeys. The cages are designed to fit in the trunk, inclined sections of the upper part to allow the trunk of the trunk to close without touching the cage.

If you’re pedestrian, if you’re on a bike, the soft dog carrier bag is really great for getting around, if it does not exceed a certain weight. Crossbody, backpack, with wheels, kangaroo bag … your dog feels close to you and safe. Choose the right transport bag because if your pet is really too heavy it will be physically difficult and uncomfortable for you. If the journey is long, on foot, on public transport, beyond 8 kg a trolley bag, a stroller with wheels will be more appropriate.

For longer trips no not forget the essential, the bowl of water to hydrate the animal and dog food. Your pet is stressed, sick in the car? See Health and Well-Being. You will find treats, soothing tablets, anti-stress necklaces.

See our Professional Tips section. The journey and the different means of pet transport are discussed and described with precision.

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