Choosing the right tool dog nail grinder vs clipper

Man’s best friend deserves the best care. Your dog’s nail care is important. If you’ve noticed your pup’s nails are overgrown and are thinking about trimming them yourself here are the main differences between dog nail grinder vs clipper.

Generally, the nail clipper is best for small to medium sized dogs or those that are more nervous. If you’re on the go then this is also a great choice since they are typically hand held and do not require any electricity. The nail clipper gets the job done quickly if your dog is not able to sit for an extended time or gets jittery when his paws are handled. It is not ideal for larger dogs since typically the clipper blades will not be strong enough to cut through the longer and thicker nails of larger breeds. The main disadvantage of the clipper is it is easy to accidentally clip the quick (the nerves and blood vessels inside the nail) which will cause discomfort and harm to your pup.

Pros: quick & quiet, cheap, no electricity

Cons: easy to cut the quick, can cause nail breakage or cracks

For a more professional or natural finish, you may want to go with a nail grinder. One of the biggest advantages of the nail grinders is that you can round out your dog’s nail and smooth them. This is great to avoid getting snagged on carpets or if your pet has a tendency to scratch or jump up on people. The downside here is that these grinders can be noisy for your pup. While it is easier to avoid grinding down to the quick you will still need to be careful to avoid grinding too far.

Pros: rounded, smooth nails, great for larger breeds or those with thick nails

Cons: noisy, requires electricity, you can still hit the quick, causes odor and dust

At the end of the day, this choice will really be up to your dog, that’s why it’s recommended to start with a nail clipper if you have a smaller breed and a hand held nail filer. If your pup doesn’t mind the vibrations of the filing and you would like to have a smoother, more polished finish then you can always upgrade to a nail grinder. In some cases, you may want to use both! If your pup doesn’t mind either tool than it is great to have both available. You can choose to use the nail clipper and finish with the nail grinder or keep the clipper in a to-go bag for when you’re on the road and outlets may not be available.

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