Christmas Dog Toys for Your Family’s Pet

A good pet supply store has almost everything that you will need for your dog, and this is true of Koa’s House Pet Supplies. This is a website that has pets as their passion and they know that being a pet parent is one of the best things in life. In their online pet store, they offer a large selection of dog and cat treats, supplies as well as toys in order to keep your dog happy as possible.




This company’s values are pets, people and planet. They are pet lovers who try to deliver only the best products for dogs or cats and their owners. There core value is to the health of your pet and your pet’s happiness. They offer a wide quality of pet foods, treats, and pet toys. And they are one of the best websites to get your dog a Christmas toy. All good pet owners get Christmas gifts for their pets and this is one of the best sites for a Christmas dog toy. And they also have great treats for both your dog and cat – treats that are healthy.


Duraplush dog toy


This is the perfect gift for a dog that loves to chew on things. This is a plush holiday cookie dog toy by Cycle Dog. Information on this toy includes:


·         10{da67c2c8481cdf065b0ba730269eb537a6867b1dd058da853d3f1c3fcbdd6f46} of cost goes to animal rescues

·         Package contains 3 cookies

·         Made in United States from post-consumer recycled materials

·         Outer materials – 2-ply bonded laminate. Soft but very strong

·         Double stitched turned seams


Other toys to consider


There is a great dog ball that looks like a large piece of coal – perfect for a dog to take hold of with their mouth without tearing it apart. And large enough so they can’t swallow it and get it caught in their throat. This will be your dog’s favourite toy.


Funny Bone


Another great gift is their Holiday Naughty Funny Bone that is durable, totally non-toxic, and buoyant and is as safe for humans as it is perfect for dogs. It comes in various sizes and colours – perfect Christmas gift for your dog.

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