How Day School Can Help Train Your Puppy

Making the decision to have a puppy is not something that should be taken lightly; they are a huge responsibility and will have a life changing effect on you.  There will be restrictions on the activities you can do and you will need to find the time to train your puppy.  This can be exceptionally difficult if you already work but it is an essential part of owning a dog or a puppy.  If the training is not completed when they are young it will be much more difficult to complete when they are older.


One solution to limited time and the desire to simply play with your new puppy, is to book them into a Durham dog school.  This will create less of a demand on your time and will provide good results.  The day school will undertake the training on a daily basis.  They will have professional staff that has experience and even qualifications regarding the best method to train any dog.

The facility will be open in the morning ready for you to drop your puppy off on the way to work and you will then collect them at an agreed time on the way home.  Whilst they are at the school your puppy will learn basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’, ‘heel’ and even ‘come’.  The puppy, or even an adult dog, can also be trained to wait at an open door or to not jump at people.  Even nuisance barking can be prevented in the future.  Alongside their training you will meet with the school on several occasions during the week to ensure you are aware of what they are teaching your dog and how to implement the same commands.

A puppy or dog day school can also be a valuable assistance when trying to get your dog to socialize with other dogs.  As a puppy it may not have much cause to interact with other dogs, or even cats.  By attending a day school for one or two weeks your puppy will learn to interact confidently but not aggressively with other dogs.

Most day schools offer a one or two week course; this is usually sufficient to ensure your puppy can respond to a good range of commands and you can happily, and confidently take them anywhere.  You will also have gained a vast amount of knowledge during this period and will be able to build a happy secure environment for your new puppy.  However, it is worth considering the amount of time your puppy will be at home alone.  Your dog may become stressed; particularly after they have enjoyed the company of many other dogs and people all day and are then left at home again.  If you are unable to return home during the day it is advisable to enlist the help of a professional dog walker.  This will help to continue and re-enforce the training they have received at day school and provide such much needed company and stimulation for your puppy.

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