Top 7 Dog Breeds That Make The Best Companions

Best 7 Dog Breeds You'd Wish You Own

People adopt dogs for a wide variety of reasons. Some want a guard dog to keep them safe at night, while others want a playmate for their kids. If you’re looking to get a dog who will be a close companion, a friend to keep you company day and night, there are certain breeds that will be preferable to others. Choose one of these dog breeds and you’re sure to have a friend for life.



Yorkies: The adorable miniature Yorkie is a wonderful choice for someone looking for a companion pup that won’t take up too much space in a smaller house or flat. They’re adaptable, loyal, and are always up for plenty of affection and cuddles. Yorkshire terrier puppies are easy to train thanks to their obedient and intelligent nature, and they’re one of the cutest breeds you’ll find.

2.Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers: Goldens are famous for their wonderful personalities, and for good reason. They’re great with kids, consistently friendly, and are extremely easy-going, so they’ll tolerate hours of love and play. They’re incredibly loyal and patient temperament makes them ideal companion dogs – just make sure you take them out on plenty of walks so they get the exercise they need. Golden Retrievers are the perfect companion dogs for someone with a disability due to their training aptitude and sweet demeanor.


Poodles: Poodles got a bad reputation for many years for being snobby, but they can’t help their fancy good looks. In reality, a poodle can be a fantastic companion pup. They tend to be smarter than your average dog, with the ability to respond to commands beyond the aptitude of many pets. While they may not give you as many puppy kisses as a more exuberant breed, poodles tend to have a sophisticated affection that they loyally bestow to their owner.

4.Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds: While their incredible speed makes them look like they’d be a lot of work, Italian Greyhounds are extremely easy dogs to care for. Just put a coat on yours in the winter and he’ll be happy – they don’t have the body fat to deal with cold weather. Italian Greyhounds are calm and loving pets that are happiest relaxing with their owner and being pampered as a lap dog.


Corgis: If you’re looking for a gorgeous purebred dog with a smiling face and a playful personality, Corgis are a great choice. They love to run and play despite their diminutive stature and get along great with children. Corgis make loyal, loving companions – just ask the Queen.

6.Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers: Labs are a popular choice for families thanks to their easy-going personalities. They’re also extremely devoted to the family that adopts them and can show an incredible amount of love to their human companions. Labs are highly intelligent, which is why they’re so often used as service dogs and can easily be trained at home.

7.Newfoundland Dogs

Newfoundland Dogs: The Newfoundland is definitely the gentle giant of the dog If you want a large breed and has plenty of space at home and in your garden, you can’t get much sweeter and more loving than a Newfoundland. They’re a very loyal breed with calm and patient personalities, and would definitely suit someone looking for a friend as well as a pet.

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