5 Things to Consider While Using Dog Shock Collars

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Trying to find the dog shock collar with remote can be difficult. Getting unruly, misbehaving dogs in control is no mean feat, and you need plenty of time, energy, and patience to guide your canine friend and make it understand what it should or should not do. This is of course, not always possible and especially if you have a busy lifestyle. With dog shock collars, there might be some amount of risks. However, the pros far outweigh the cons and you can rectify the behavioral problems of your pet in as less time as possible. However, there are 5 important things that you should keep in mind while using them.

You do not have a Dog Shock Collars is the only option

Keep in mind that there are pet safe collars which not only deliver electric shocks but work in various other ways as well. If you do not like your pet to be subjected to voltage, you may look for collars that also use sprays, vibration, and warning sound to keep dogs in control and make them understand when they are going beyond the threshold of unacceptable behavior. In case these fail to bring about the desired change, you may opt for shocks.

You should choose a dog-appropriate collar

Choose a collar which is appropriate for the size and age of your canine friend. If it is only a puppy, a flat buckle collar is what you should select. A bigger, stronger collar should be ideal for a physically fully matured dog. It should fit your dog well and not end up choking it. Stronger dog shock collars are also needed for dogs which are stubborn and strong. Nylon and leather are two popular materials used for making these collars, as these are less costly and more durable.

Start with the lowest level

While using collars operated by handheld remote control devices, you should opt for a static stimulation at the lowest setting. During the initial stage of training, you need to begin at the lowest level of stimulation. You should step this level up only in case you do not find your dog changing its behavior.

Your dog will respond only after a few sessions

Do not expect your pet to change its behavior as soon as you start using the collar. Dogs generally take some time to respond to a new type of training. You should devote a few weeks to the training and use verbal commands and treats to ensure positive reinforcement and make our dog understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Use them only as a last resort

Generally, it is recommended that owners should use dog shock collars only after they have tried other types of training and have not seen any response. After you have exhausted all other forms of positive reinforcement training, you can try these on your pet. Then again, these types of devices should only be used for short spans of time to prevent your dog from getting exhausted. You should ideally use such a device under the guidance of a certified, professional Applied Animal Behaviorist.

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