Dogs – A True Friend and a Priceless Treasure

Dogs - A True Friend

The title is apt when we speak about dogs. They are considered to be man’s true friend and a priceless treasure to the family. Usually, families that own a dog do not consider them to be just another animal. In fact they are treated as an added member of the family. There are various ways in which a family can own a pet dog. There are pet stores where puppies can be bought; families also opt for adoption from animal shelters. They can also be bought online. Another important detail to remember about dogs is that they come in different breeds. There is one such site called which have Goldendoodle puppies for sale. Hurricane Creek Doodles have been known to name their dogs. Let us take a look at few of the examples of the puppies sold over here.

Some of the Goldendoodles for sale or have been sold are as follows.

  • Naomi: Naomi has been considered as one of their prime English Goldendoodle. She has been known to give birth to beautiful black, white and other rare blue Merle English Goldendoodles. Naomi has been known to have been spawned from an English Golden Retriever and not American.
  • Obadiah- retired: Obadiah retired has been considered to be a parti-Standard Poodle. One of the cutest things about Obadiah is that he always acts as the biggest baby of the farm. He considers himself to a lap dog. Some of the lovable qualities he possesses are that he is very loving and very affectionate. This dog has been known to jump like a goat and play with babies.
  • Winston: Winston used to be considered as the Grand Sire of the first Bernedoodles. He has been known to show character traits of a Bernese mountain dog. This dog is also known for its mellow nature. He is also known to be very loyal and faithful and has a very lovable temperament. Winston was acquired from a group known as the Majestic Family Companions. Sadly, Winston was lost in the summer of 2016.
  • Elvis: Elvis is another dog which they have for sale. He is apparently one of newest Bernese Mountain puppies in the collection.
  • Loot: Loot has been known to be one of the blue merle, Moyen There have been various discussions about the merle gene which has been found in this poodle. He has been known to be 100 percent DNA tested.

These are few of the best poodles that have been sold by Hurricane Creek Doodles. There are thousands of satisfied customers. If you are looking to purchase a Goldendoodle puppy, then look no further.

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