Five Qualities to Consider When Choosing Your Fish’s Food

Know about Five Qualities for Fish’s Food

Do you own an aquarium full of colorful fish? Or, perhaps you have a small tank with just a couple guppies in it. Either way, you want to choose the best food for your fish, so it will be healthy and live a long time. Check out five qualities to consider when selecting food for your fish.

Get the Right Type of Food for Your Fish

Different types of fish food are made to suit the dietary needs of particular types of fish. In short, a goldfish don’t eat the same types of things as a Raccoon Butterflyfish. So, it’s best to take the time to figure out what vitamins and other ingredients your specific fish need and choose a food designed to fulfill their dietary needs.

Avoid Additives

Unfortunately, some fish food manufacturers put a lot of additives in their fish food. Hydrolyzed feather meal, artificial colors and a large amount of fish meal are all examples of additives. These expand the list of ingredients but don’t do much to support the health of your fish.

Choose a Container of Reasonable Size

Some fish foods are sold in big containers. These are usually less expensive than the reasonably sized containers. However, fish food can go bad after awhile especially if it’s exposed to air and varying temperatures. So, when you buy fish food online, be sure to get a container in a reasonable size so you can use all of the food before it starts to go bad.

Take into Account the Number of Fish in Your Aquarium

If you have much fish in your aquarium, it’s important to give them enough food so each of them receives the nutrition it needs. Some fish are more aggressive than others, so you have to watch your fish eat to see if one or more fish are grabbing all of the food! If this is an issue, you can separate the more passive fish into one area of the tank to make sure they get some food. You could even take your aggressive fish out of the tank and put them someplace safe while you feed the gentler occupants of your aquarium.

Be Flexible Regarding Your Choices

Sometimes it’s easy to get into the habit of choosing one type of fish food and sticking with it. This can work out if your fish remain healthy. But, if you see that the colors of your fish are becoming dull or they are becoming overweight, be open to trying another type of fish food. You can choose two or three quality foods and try each of them on an experimental basis. Once you determine which food is most beneficial for your fish, you can get a bigger quantity to make it the daily food.

Lastly, if you read up on aquarium fish you’ll learn that some types of fish can live for many years while others only live for a year, maybe two. Though you know your fish is only going to live a short time, make sure you give it the best quality food you can find. It may surprise you and live well past its typical lifespan.

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