Going Green With Your Pet Rabbit

If you have a pet rabbit, it is possible to care for your pet and at the same time, go green and look after the environment too. Using less bottled water, being mindful of your gas consumption and using cloth bags rather than plastic may be your focus, but going green and being environmentally responsible can apply to pet care too.

Bunnies like to chew and one great way to recycle those old phone books is to let your bunny chew on them, especially those big thick books that are a couple of inches thick. If you supervise and monitor playtime with your bunny with other toys, you may want to do the same with the phone book, rather than just leaving it in the hutch or cage.

One of your biggest environmental concerns may be the type of litter that you are using for your rabbit, and this is one area where you can definitely take steps to go green. Wood shavings aren’t as environmentally friendly as you might think, despite the fact that the trees have already been cut down. Some small animals are actually allergic to the smell of certain types of wood shavings, and a much safer and greener option for litter for your bunny is to use recycled newspaper.

Disposing of the used litter is just as important as the type of litter that you are using to begin with, if you are serious about going green while caring for your bunny. Composting your used litter is a great way to dispose of it, instead of adding it to a landfill. taking your used litter to your local landfill also costs you at least a little time and money, and you can save in both of these areas. If you aren’t sure about composting, ask at your local nursery or garden center who can get you started. Your garden or lawn can then get the benefit of the compost.

Disposing of old and used carpet can often be more of a challenge than you think, and a great solution for recycling that used carpet is to put some of it in your rabbit’s cage. Bunnies appreciate having a change from the wire in their cage, and just like us, like to rest their feet once in a while. If you know other people in your neighborhood or family that have bunny, you can also go green by giving them any unused or unwanted rabbit supplies; if not, a local school will probably appreciate them.

Adding less trash and used materials to the landfills that are scattered all over our planet is always a smart move, and a good place to start for anyone who owns a pet rabbit and is anxious to do their part in helping to care for the environment. It is common sense to care for your bunny the green way and be environmentally friendly when it comes to supplies. Of course, your bunny has no idea of the important steps you are taking to go green and be a responsible pet owner, but he or she would surely offer thanks if at all possible.

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