Here’s how your pet keeps you healthy!

pet keeps you healthy

Yes, you read that right. It’s not just you who works hard at keeping your pets healthy. In fact, your pets are the key to your happy, healthy life. Don’t believe us? Then you should probably consult a physician. A majority of physicians believe that owning a pet keeps your body and mind healthier.

Home is where the heart is

And in this case, the home is good health. Having pets around decrease your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, especially in those patients who have suffered a heart attack earlier. A study conducted by the NIH states that even in the case of people who have suffered an attack earlier, dog owners tend to live longer irrespective.

While some may argue, it does not alter the fact that pets shower you with love which does have an effect on the stress levels Need Pet Insurance. And everyone knows, less stress equals a healthier heart.

Brain food, anyone?

This is pretty obvious. Owning a pet, drastically, improves your mood thereby reducing anxiety. In fact, pets are now used during the treatment of many patients suffering from mental illnesses especially Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) patients.

The Smithsonian report of 2012 stated that animals help in drawing out people who have an isolated and uptight personality. Furthermore, they help people overcome trauma and emotional stress.

Time for some motivation

Pets are a miracle. They can motivate you to do better and get you moving. Moreover, they put you out there where you can meet and greet new people and build your social circle.

Cause in the end, it all about Happiness

Studies have proven that having pets around gives a huge immunity boost to adults and children, alike. You might now think about diseases and allergies, but here’s a fun fact… Most households which have had pets prior to the arrival of an infant have shown very less evidence of allergies. This was studied by a researcher called James E. Gern who is a pediatrician at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Further, children who grow up having pets around tend to be a lot more friendly, understanding and compassionate. They are more empathetic relative to non-pet households. The benefits of having a pet are not just limited to children. It expands even to the elderly and the senior citizens. In this case, they help to combat loneliness and prove to be excellent companions.

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