Tips For Making Homemade Dog Foods

Best Tips and ideas For Making Dog Foods at Home

Your dog may face trouble by eating bugs and grass outdoors. Asa pet owner, it’s important to keep your dog active, healthy, and at an appropriate weight by a good diet. And, it may be difficult to check ingredients for your own food. Checking your pet’s food is difficult as well. In addition, it’s hard to know what exactly you need in pet stores. Making homemade dog food is an easy and safe way for your dog. In this article, we will give you certain tips for making homemade dog foods. Learn about them to keep your homemade dog food healthy and safe.

Start with a good recipe

There are a lot of dog food recipes. They include various ingredients and measurements. But, some of them are lack of essential nutrients such as copper, calcium, iron, and zinc. Even, there are some foods crafted by veterinarians that are also lack of the proper nutrients. So, you should choose recipes from experts with a background in pet nutrition. You should choose the recipe including protein, calcium, fat, carbohydrates, as well as essential fatty acids.

Prepare the recipe properly

It’s great to follow the recipe to a “T”. Changing it may lead to unintended effects. For instance, if you cook chicken without bone or skin, you may change a number of nutrients found in the final product. Also, you shouldn’t swap ingredients. The fact is that some ingredients come with different nutritional values although they may seem similar. You can unbalance the food because of changing ingredients. It’s great to get a food scale for more accurately. Make sure prepare the recipe without bacteria to avoid harming your dog.

Add the proper amount of supplements and nutrients

You need to give your dog a balanced diet. The fact is that the best recipes cannot provide enough of nutrients such as calcium. Make sure you add some supplements to your dog’s foods once you feed him with food you’ve made from scratch. Sometimes, you also need to consult with a pet nutritionist for a good recipe.

Avoid excessive carbohydrates

You shouldn’t add too many carbohydrates. They can be in the form of potatoes,  rice, brown rice, and corn. It’s important to add the digestive enzymes that can help your dog break down as well as metabolize excessive carbohydrates. Carbs may promote conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, obesity, and allergies. They also help to cut down on production costs. However, carbohydrates may not be important for a balanced dog diet.

Make sure the diet is working

After you feed your dog with your homemade dog food about 2 to 3 weeks, you need to weigh him. Also, you should take your dog to the vet to get a positive diet. It’s also important to pay attention to your dog’s demeanor, his weight, and his play habits. This will help to reveal if his diet is effective. It’s  great to take your dog to your vet twice a year. She will provide you a checkup. She also helps to check your dog’s coat, body conditions, and skin. These factors may be affected by his diet.

Store your homemade dog food

It’s important to know the right way to store all your own homemade dog food. Avoid feeding your dog with your pooch old and spoiled foods. We recommend you to use the same leftovers guidelines as for your own leftover meals when making your homemade dog food. Remember to store your dog food properly to protect your dog from getting sick. After cooking the dog food, you should let good sit for a few minutes. It purposes to make sure your food is cooked fully through. It’s wrong if you keep your dog food sit out for more than 2 hours. You shouldn’t put homemade dog food into the refrigerator too early. Instead, you need to wait until they are lukewarm to the touch. You just should keep your dog foods in the refrigerator about 3 days. If you want to keep the food longer, you will have to freeze it.


It may be a great idea when you make homemade dog food. In this article, we have certain tips that are useful for making your homemade dog food. Consider them to keep your dog happy and healthy. For many pet owners, it may be hard to make homemade dog food. But, you need to make a healthy as well as a successful meal.

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