How Bondpaw Dog Leash gives me Full Control over my Dog

I love pets, and I am a proud owner of 2 healthy Akitas for the last 7 years. Both of them are male dogs, and I have had them since they were 4 months old. I really love my dogs and consider them as my kids. They are very obedient and by their nature, very playful and like to play with the children of my neighbors in my backyard. In my locality, everyone loves my dogs. But things were not like this in the beginning. I had problems making my dogs obey me, and it was not until very late that I came to know that first-time dog owners should not own Akitas. My Akitas were very intolerant of other dogs, and they tended to growl and bark at them a lot with the intention of attacking them, and I had a hard time controlling them. A relative of mine told me that Bondpaw manufactures very strong dog leash for well-built dogs. So I bought a couple for Paolo and Myson the next day.

How Bondpaw Dog Leash Saved My Dogs Once?

One afternoon my neighbor Mrs. Fernandez and I decided to take our dogs out for a walk along the pavement beside our main road. She had a Golden Retriever, and it was a sweet looking, big and healthy dog. Few kids were there playing soccer on the grass outside a house, and Mrs.Fernanadez’s golden retriever immediately made a dash towards the ball. The leash she had tied on the dog’s collar slipped, and the dog went loose. There it was running the ball with the kids and Mrs. Fernandez calling out her name asking it to come back. Well, you can’t just call a golden retriever back once it is with a ball, but suddenly a kid kicked the ball hard towards us, and it went out on the road with a loaded truck coming at high speed. A horrified Mrs. Fernandez ran to stop her dog, and it was then that I fell on the grass face first due to a jerk.

My Akitas were stopped from going on the road because of the anti-slip dog leash I was using from Bondpaw. The Golden Retriever almost came under the truck and was badly hurt in its leg. My dogs were safe. Since then I have been recommending these dog leashes whenever required. They saved my dogs lives that day.

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