How to Clean a Kennel – Step by Step Guide

How to Clean a Kennel

Learn how to clean the kennel and keep the environment organized and sanitized.

Knowing how to properly clean the kennel is crucial, as hygiene is at the top of the list when it comes to the pet’s quality of life.

We have prepared a complete guide with everything you need to know to keep this environment always clean and comfortable for your dogs.

Step by step how to clean the kennel

With a few precautions and in a few steps, you can disinfect the whole environment, leaving it clean.

  1. Be careful with the choice of the cleaning products

First of all, it is essential that you take great care with the choice of cleaning products. After all, you cannot just use the same disinfectant we use in the house since the dog may lick the floor and inevitably suffer from side effects.

For no mistake, look for cleaning products that are sold in Pet Shops. There you can find specific options for this type of products.

If you do not want to buy these products, it is possible to use some homemade prescriptions — for example white vinegar, baking soda and water, water and coarse salt, among other possibilities.

  1. Remove food or stool residue.

With all the materials and products in place, it’s time to start your deep cleaning. Remember that when cleaning an insulated dog kennel, it is essential that you follow a specific order. That is, a lot of people love to pass the hose throughout the kennel. However, it is necessary that a step-by-step approach is followed in order not to run the risk of impregnation of impurities. Thus, the first step is to remove all food waste or feces. Use a piece of newspaper for this. Try to remove as much as you can with paper only.

  1. Sweep the kennel meticulously

Once step 2 is done, you should remove everything inside and meticulously, sweep the kennel. This way you will be sweeping not only the dust itself but also removing any excess of dog hair.

When you realize that everything is more visibly clear, this step is ready.

  1. Wash all blankets

How to clean the insulated dog kennel without washing everything inside it, right? Wash all dog blankets and covers. And, likewise, be careful about the products you will use. After all, you do not want to cause any allergies in your doggie, do you?

  1. Wash all of your dog’s utensils

With your dog’s blankets in the machine, you can take the time to clean and thoroughly wash all your dog’s utensils. Wash all the dog feeders and even all their little toys as there could also exist harmful bacteria.

  1. Wash the kennel with water and coarse salt

While these items (blankets and utensils) are being sanitized, you can use a mixture of water and coarse salt to wash the entire kennel. To do this, soak enough with this mixture and then use an old broom – or a brush – to scrub a lot. Removing any signs of dirt and even flea.

  1. Let everything dry well

After sanitizing everything, it is time to wait for the drying. As for the utensils and the blankets, the ideal is that you let them dry in the sun.

Just put the utensils back in the kennel when they are completely dry. It’s also not worth putting the dog in a still damp environment, right?

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