How to Make An Automatic Feeder For Dogs With Your Own Hands?

To make such a device on your own is quite realistic, even if you have never dealt with automation. The automatic feeder for dogs with a timer of its own production consists of the simplest devices: ordinary Chinese table clocks, a round tin box, a thin sheet of plywood.

  1. A tin can is made into a base. With the help of clay or other material they mold partitions and divide the entire volume into compartments.

  1. In the center they leave room for the clockwork.

3. Next, from a thin plywood cut a circle to the size of the bowl. In a circle cut out a segment according to the sizes of a compartment of an automatic feeder for dogs.

  1. The lid is attached to the clock hand.

  1. As the arrows move, the lid will move, opening a new portion of food.

Here is one automatic feeder from WOPET that you can purchase

As a pet owner looking for a programmable cat feeder, I can say that the WOPET A36 automatic pet feeder can be a great choice. This device allows pet owners to customize food portions for their pets and assign them correctly. If you prefer to limit food intake by a cat, you can try the WOPET device.

The automatic control system of the cat feeder was made possible by the portion control system. In addition, this machine works with dry or wet cat food, and can also be programmed for 4 meals cycles each day.

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