Identifying the Right Pit Bull Puppy Breeder

Selecting a Puppy

Whether you’re in search of an impressive American Pit Bull Terrier that’s been bread for the show ting or you just want an adorable pet who likes to sleep on your bed and roll in the mud, the first step if identifying a great-quality pup from a well-established, reputable breeder.

Out there, there are a lot of people selling APBT puppies since, according to the United Kennel Club, the hybrid is the second most popular breed in the country.

As soon as you start looking for a great pitbull dog, you run into APBT breeders nearly everywhere you look. They’re listed in neighborhood bulletin boards, websites, ads, as well as garage sales and swap meets.

Make sure you find well-established, conscientious breeders who are dedicated to breeding pit bulls with the best conformation, health, and temperament. They’re not in it just for the money; they put a lot of thought into the puppies’ welfare.

Keep in mind the fact that you’re going to be taking care of the pitbull dog for 12-15 years, so the time you invest in selecting a well-adjusted and healthy puppy will pay off in the long term.

Choosing a puppy is essential—especially when it comes to bully breed dogs—because you need to ensure that you select one that has many health problems, is overly aggressive, or even looks nothing like an American Pit Bull Terrier. This is why it’s important to perform basic temperament tests while you’re at the breeding facility.

In addition to the breeder’s description of the puppies’ temperament, you need the tests in order to form your own opinion.

Steer clear of backyard breeders or puppy mills. Backyard breeders are usually regular, well-meaning pet owners that lack sufficient knowledge about breeding to produce healthy puppies. Puppy mills are wholesale breeding facilities that produce puppies in a manner akin to an assembly line without caring much about socialization and health.

The Right Breeder

Trustworthy, distinguished breeders are recognized by their lifelong passion for producing good quality rather than quantity.

They’re typically members of local and national clubs that register pit bulls. This demonstrates commitment to the breed as well as a willingness to be part of a group of breeder that share training, conformation, behavior, and health information.

Well-established breeders register their stock with the American Dog Breeders’ Associations or UKC, which confirms their commitment to producing puppies that conform to either registry’s standard. Furthermore, they neuter or spay dogs that are not good examples of the breed’s standard.

In addition to that, the right breeder should be more than willing to share all their experience and be willing to assist you in raising a puppy that is well-behaved and healthy. The right breeder should also be fine with giving you references to his previous customers and vet. He should be able to provide health clearance for the APBT puppies and its parents.

Taking note of the above when choosing a breeder will enable you to find the right one.

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