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Immortalizing the pets

The new form of art, referred to as Pet Carving, has brought a storm on this planet. It is understandable how important is your pet to you and the memory of it getting immortalized in your memory even when it is no more with you. It does not really matter whether you have your pet with you physically or mentally. The pet carvings stay with you which remind you of them every passing moment. To know more about the beautiful and amazing pet carvings, please visit They guarantee discount offers to each and every person who wishes to get their own pet carvings.

Why Pet Carvings Are Popular

You should know why these hands carved pieces are so great for remembering your pet and what is making the pet carvings to stand out when it comes to making memories.

  *   One of the reasons is that you are able to use a photo which was taken as long as twenty years ago.

  *   Another reason is the pet carvings are made from the woods from walnut, cherry, beech, birch and boxwood. Pet Carvers are the one and only carving studio which is capable of doing this.

  *   One more thing which must be mentioned is that it is completely unique and affordable. The carvers spend hours in carving a single piece of wood, and they do it with such precision, that the woods fits perfectly like a puzzle. They turn everything into an art just from a single photo.

  *   Paints and stains are never used in their art, and the color they use are brought from the hardwoods which are recycling from high-end factories. After carving each and every single piece of food, all the pieces are put together fillings of sand so that it fits perfectly and resembles your pet completely.

The carvers took many years to sharpen their skill. They started with clay first to make the sculptures like it had been done in the ancient portraits, and after mastering the art, they have started using any materials like wood. They have learned a lot from the world famous Disney artist and master craftsman Dan Terrico in the year 1970. The key to their skill is the way Dan taught them to think out of the box. It is a very good idea to immortalize your pet and carry the carving no matter where you go.

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