The Most Important Pest Control Tips For Pet Owners

Every household should have a fool-proof pest control regime. However, if you have pets, things get a bit more complicated. Pets don’t understand the risks pest control products have, and can be put in danger because of them.

There are a few things that can be done safely around your home to keep pests at bay. Here’s some best practices for using pest control products around your pets.

Rodent baits

A type of poison, rodent bait puts the rodent to sleep and then kills them. Unfortunately, it has the same effect on small mammals like cats and dogs. If you’ve got an animal in the house, make sure any rodent baits you use are placed in a lockable bait station, and kept well away from the pets. Check for any poisoned rodents every day so your pet doesn’t attempt to eat them, and dispose of them properly and securely so they can’t be reached.

Rodent traps

It takes a lot of skill and patience for a rodent trap to work. Make sure you place them well away from children and pets to prevent injury and make pest health and safety a priority.

Insecticide sprays

These are harmful because they’re in liquid form, which then gets absorbed through the skin. Keep all pets away from areas that are being sprayed, and keep them away until all spray has dried. Once it’s dry, your pet can go back in the room.

These sprays are also highly toxic to fish, so remove all tanks before spraying indoors, or cover the body of water before you start to spray. Dogs and cats have a much higher tolerance to insecticides, but fish are sensitive and even the smallest amount will kill them.

Cockroach and ant baits

These are less toxic to dogs and mammals, but are mainly based on food materials so your pet is more likely to eat them. Keep all baits out of reach and truly inaccessible to your pets.

Some pest control products can harm your pets, so always read the labels before you use them. Take all the necessary safety measures to keep your pets and your family safe when it comes to pest control.

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