Important Products for Your Puppy

Products for Your Puppy

For many dog owners, looking for the perfect products for their puppies may be a hard task. In fact, there is a wide range of products available to choose from. When you walk through any big-box retailer, pet boutique, or department store, it’s easy to see aisles of treats and foods, toys, plush beds of every shape and size. In order to get a smooth begin, pick up these items wisely. Keep reading this article, we will give you some tips on choosing the must-have puppy products.

Collar and Leash

You need to give your puppy a collar and leash. This product is important when you bring your puppy home. Thanks to giving him a collar, you can hold his license as well as an identification tag. This should be listed with your name and your phone number. In addition, you also need a leash to walk him.

For the first collars, it’s best to choose an adjustable nylon product with a 2-piece buckle. Don’t choose a collar that’s too tight. The collar you choose should fit your puppy’s neck. Because your pet will get older, it’s better to purchase several collars.

You can get more control while walking your puppy thanks to the leash attached to the collar. You should choose a strong leash. There should be also a loop for the comfort. We advise you to give your pup a shorter 4-foot leash at first. However, you can use a longer one in obedience training.

Crates and Containment

Crates and containment are also a must for any puppy. They can help to keep your pet in a confined area. Besides a crate and carrier, you also need an exercise pen, gate, or playpen. They are essential things when you bring your pet home.

Crates and travel carriers are made of a lot of materials such as stainless steel, fiberglass, and plastic. When looking for a crate or carrier, it’s important to keep your dog stand up, turn around, lie down, and stretch inside.

If it’s hard for you to keep a watchful eye on your furry friend, buy a pen to keep your puppy corralled. Choose exercise pens. They can help to confine him to a specific area. They are adjustable to fit any space. Baby gates are great in preventing your pup from roaming.

Dog Bed

Your puppy deserves to get a comfy bed. While housetraining your puppy, you will have his sleep in a kennel or crate. Smaller beds and bumper beds keep your puppy warm and cozy when he’s dozing away. After you housetraining your puppy from his crate to a dog bed, there is a lot of choices of cushions, dog-sized couches, pillows, and memory-foam mattresses. Most beds come with washable and removable covers. More importantly, you need to choose a small-to-medium bed that can make him secure and cozy.

If you notice your puppy is keen on chewing on his bedding, it’s important to remove the bed from his crate. Give him a blanket to sleep on until he stops chewing phase.

Food and Water Bowls

They are essential for your puppy. You can choose stainless steel or ceramic dishes, glass bowls, or plastic crocks. They offer your pup many benefits and drawbacks. If you want the least expensive choices, look for plastic bowls and crocks. You can clean most of them in the dishwasher. If you choose a plastic bowl, it’s essential to replace once it comes with signs of wear.

The fact is that ceramic and glass bowls are heavier. They may be expensive. Some ceramic products contain lead that can harm your puppy. So, make sure you buy a dishwasher safe ceramic.

If your budget is not a problem, you can choose stainless steel bowls. They are normally more expensive than others. They are easy to clean.

Foods and Treats

Although your puppy seems to be small, he requires a big calorie demand for his body. He needs the energy to develop healthy organs, bones, coat, and skin. When your pup is in the first 12 months of life, it’s best to give him a diet created for his demanding energy. Choose the best dog food for puppies to meet his nutritional needs. Choose the right blend of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. If you don’t know the right foods to feed your pup, talk to your vet. He can help you.

Grooming Supplies

Though your puppy is still young, you still need to groom him. It’s important to wash, comb, and brush his coat regularly. In order to prepare for your dog’s grooming, there are some supplies you need to understand how to use them such as bristle brush, comb, blow dryer, conditioning spray, cotton balls, nail clippers, grooming table, scissors, slicker brush, shampoo and conditioner, towels, toothbrush, and styptic powder. These items should be stored in a plastic container so that you can easily access.


As a pet owner, you may need to give your pup some identification. There are available in two choices, including microchips and identification tags. It’s better when you use both of them.

An ID tag allows you to list specific contact info such as your dog’s name, your address, phone numbers, and others. This is the best way to contact you.

Chip is a device with a code stored in a database. It includes your contact info. A handheld scanner allows you to read the code in the microchip. It shows your name and phone number. Don’t forget to register your contact info. It’s important to keep it up to date because your info may be changed from time to time.


The last item you should give your pup is toys. They ensure to give your pup comfort. Also, some of them can help to floss your dog’s teeth while playing. Remember to choose ones that are durable, strong, and well-made. They have to be suitable for your pup.


All items above are important for your dog when you take him home. Buy them before he comes home. Set these items up in advance. These items allow you to be well-prepared to welcome your new furry friend to his home.

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