5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet Cat Healthy and Happy

Cats make great pets and require little care, but keeping your cat healthy should be a priority nonetheless. A healthy diet and a happy environment are the cornerstones of a fulfilling life for animals. And the greater care you take of your kitten, the stronger its chances of living a long and healthy life free of disease and dependency.

Here are five easy tips to give your cat a space to grow and thrive.

Fresh, wholesome and healthy meals

A healthy diet builds your pet’s immunity and shields them from infections and illness. Therefore, knowing each ingredient of everything your cat is fed is important, as it tells you the nutritional profile of the foods frequently eaten by your pet. While store-bought cat food is a blessing for busy pet parents, use it in combination with home-made meals for a balanced diet.

Including tasty ready-to-consume treats in your cat’s diet is another great way to fortify its health, provided you make a well-informed choice when buying off-the-shelf products. Pick your pet treats only from reputed pet food brands and buy products made with natural ingredients and fortified with essential nutrients.

The appearance of your cat’s coat is a wonderful indicator of its health. A shiny, rich coat means that your pet is getting the right nutrients, while a flaky, dry or flea-ridden coat means something is not right. A dull-looking coat could be an indication of an underlying health problem that needs your attention.

Year-round protection against fleas and ticks

These blood-sucking parasites can make your cat very, very sick. You need to be proactive and protect your cat from an upcoming flea or tick season by taking precautions early on.

Use pest-control to clear your home and yard of insect pests; clear the bushes and grass in your lawn as this is where fleas and ticks thrive; watch out for a possible infestation by checking your cat’s coat daily; and apply a flea and tick control product (spray, spot-on, shampoo) at least once a month.

Additionally, as soon as you suspect an infestation, take your cat to the vet to rule out infection caused by bacteria carried by fleas and ticks.

Regular visits to the vet

Don’t shy away from taking your cat to the vet for regular check-ups as it can help in the prevention of suspected health conditions by catching them in early stages. Aging cats, in particular, need to see a doctor at least twice a year if not more.

Don’t get surprised if your vet prescribes blood and urine tests during what you consider a routine visit. Ask questions and understand what each test is for and also share every minute detail of any behavioral changes you’ve observed lately. Information is the key to keeping your cat healthy from the inside, and you are the main source of that information for your vet—aside from the test results.

If needed, engage a vet who specializes in feline care for more focused care.

Sufficient exercise and physical activity

No pet likes to have dull, action-less days that do not involve any type of physical activity. Younger cats are particularly prone to being unhappy if you do not engage them in some sort of physical play and running around.

Playing with your pet is also a great way to establish bonding, which makes pets feel secure and loved. You may have read that exercise and physical contact release chemicals in the brain that support good mood and general happiness. Many an ailment can be warded off by making physical action a part of your cat’s everyday life.

Clean and hygienic living

Pet hygiene goes a long way in keeping your cat healthy and thriving. Regardless of how busy you are, better pet hygiene can be achieved with minimum effort if you establish a cleaning and washing routine and stick to it no matter what. Regular cleaning of your cat’s bedding and weekly bathing makes it easier to ensure your furry friend is healthy and happy all year round.

Remember that pet hygiene does not simply mean bathing your pet every weekend. It is about giving them their own space to sleep and play and to ensure that space is free of disease-causing microorganisms.

So if you want to see your cat happy and healthy, do everything you can to give it a living space full of freedom, love, cleanliness, nutrition and ample attention—along with an ever-so-subtle message that you’re the one in charge here.

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