Know Everything About A Goldfish Before You Purchase One

If you are planning to establish a goldfish tank then you should know the nature of goldfish very well in order to keep them properly. Goldfish takes much space than other fish so you have to plan how many fish you going to keep before you purchase a tank for them.

You should neither keep the tank in the heat of direct sunlight nor near to cold place. Fish may get scared if you keep the fish tank to a place where loud sound may come. Do not touch the glass of the tank, it may get scared and swim erratically.

 It is not enough to know about tank only if you want to set up a goldfish tank in your house. You will have to take care of many other aspects like food habits, disease etc.

gold fish

What kind of food Goldfish eats?

A diet of goldfish contains Carbohydrates, Proteins and many other nutrients for proper growth. The carbohydrate in their food keeps them warm in the water. Some food also consists of flakes and pellets. Small goldfish consumes flakes because they find it easier while larger variety consumes pellets. If this is your first fish tank for goldfish you better try to one diet and a supplement diet once a while with a combination of pellets. It can have worms too which is available in local fish stores.

They are not having stomach where they can store food so you can see a small quantity of waste very rapidly. You can change the diet, not very frequently of course, in order to keep them healthy.

What kind of disease Goldfish can face?

Disease of a goldfish can be caused for many reasons. Some very common reasons are fighting with other fish, unhealthy condition of living for them, accidental injuries etc. Mostly they get fungal or bacterial infections.

You can easily know whether they have affected by disease or not if you mark them daily. You will find behavioural changes such as body colour gets changed, scratched by aquarium objects, lethargic movement etc. A fed white spot is also very common as goldfish disease. Dropsy, cotton wool are also very common disease for them. You should know about all the symptoms of diseases before you purchase a goldfish for you.

If you are planning to set up of a goldfish aquarium or you have already set one you should visit in order to know everything about your beautiful pet goldfish.

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