Know More About Natural Ways To Calm Your Dog

Natural Ways To Calm Your Dog

Dogs and humans may seem to have significant differences, but both have nearly the same social behavior and emotions. Thanks to the similarities, both can suffer when in a state of distress, leading to restlessness. Now, becoming restless isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since it’s somewhat a normal and healthy emotion that dogs and people have as long as no one leaves it unchecked.

Dogs suffering from high levels of distress can lead to high blood pressure, which can lead to having weakened arteries and blindness. Nervousness also makes dogs prone to cause self-inflicted injuries.

When dogs suffer from restlessness, they can become more vulnerable to diseases due to the changing hormone levels which affect their immune system. Since a lot of people love dogs, it’s natural for them to help their pets when they’re feeling jumpy, resulting in a lot of people looking for ways to help them.

Dog owners can wrap Thundershirts around their dogs, especially when they’re out travelling. People can use the Thundershirts to swaddle the dog and apply gentle pressure on the dog’s body, inducing calmness and contentment for the dog.

Another way to calm the dog down is by playing some relaxing music to fight the dog’s stress and decrease any signs of unease present. Classical music is the most effective music genre for dogs, but other genres like soft rock and reggae are also capable of keeping the dogs from becoming restless unless a specific dog favors a particular genre.

Pet owners can also ease their pets’ nervousness through exercise, mental stimulation, and hemp CBD. To know more about the natural ways to calm your dog, see this infographic by ElleVet Sciences.

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