Learn How To Build The Best Chicken Coop For Your Hens

Chicken Coop For Your Hens

Most of the time, if you breed chickens in your backyard, they are totally exposed to a lot of hazards, both environmental and predatory, and you do not want them to get sick or mauled by a raccoon, a fox and a large rat or much worse contract flu or cold that is why having a sturdy and well-ventilated chicken coop is a must-have for people who run a small poultry.

For starters, and plans to build a chicken coop to secure their chickens safe from all these hazards, there are actually some important things that you need to remember.

First off, you have to make sure that your chicken coop must have these certain elements that ensure your hens and roosters completely happy and healthy. If you want to build a chicken coop, you should ask these following questions to yourself first.

  • Does it have enough ventilation?
  • Is it totally secured against predators and rodents?
  • Is it safe from having moisture?

Below is also listed down some of the best ideas for building a chicken coop you have for your chicken coop, and remembering this before you build one is very important so that you will are safe from wasting money from buying materials and also ensure that your chickens are both safe and healthy.

  1. MAKE IT BIG ENOUGH– Building your first chicken coop is quite a big task to take, and in order to maximize it completely, why not make it big enough? When it comes to its size, make sure that the chickens inside have more space to move freely. According to an Australian Chicken Coops enthusiasts, the standard breeds of chickens should have a minimum of four-square foot per bird and if you can add more, you would surely appreciate an extra room for them because sooner or later, these chickens will lay eggs, so it would be better that you will not cut corners when it comes to space.
  2. MAKE ROOM FOR EGG-LAYING– When it comes to space you should dedicate a portion of it for your hens to lay their eggs by building nest boxes inside the coop. Your hens will eventually start to shove each other as they look for a place to lay their eggs inside. To give you an idea, the best size of the nest box is 12×12 inches. You can use recycled materials such as gallon buckets, milk crates, and old shelves.
  3. MAKE ROOM FOR SLEEPING– Having the place to roost should be included in your chicken coop because your chickens should not sleep on the ground, they might get sick from being constantly sleeping on the ground so having a roost where they can sleep is essential. The roost should be at least 12 inches away from the wall to prevent predators from reaching them and they can also hang their head and tail with comfort. Give at least one-foot space in between roosts in length and width for enough space for each chicken.
  4. MAKE SURE IT IS WELL-VENTILATED- You should prioritize ventilation in building a coop. Chickens create a lot of dust and their manure could create moisture inside the coop if there is no proper ventilation that might trigger for diseases to develop. Make sure that the chicken wires have enough holes for the air to go in and out, not big enough for predators to squeeze themselves in.

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