Live a Longer Life in the Companionship of Man’s Best Friend

The secrets to longer life have been pursued by man since significant length of time. Among the several secrets, one of them revealed to man has been companionship. However, the companionship here has been that of man’s best friend.

Study in Sweden has proved that companionship of man’s best friend has reduced the risk of early death considerably. People between the ages of 40 to 80 have been found with reduced risks of cardiovascular disease or other conditions causing early deaths, only when they owned a dog.

Reasons for carrying out study in Sweden

The two major reasons for study to be carried out in Sweden have been as follows:

  • People in Sweden owning a dog to register it officially
  • All hospitals visits and treatments should be recorded carefully

These two reasons made it possible for study to be carried out at such a large extent. It made comparison of national databases for people owning dogs to those for hospital visits possible within the years 2001 to 2012.

Researchers found huge reduction in number of early deaths in people owning dogs, especially from cardiovascular diseases or CVD. In addition, there was significant reduction in deaths of people living alone who owned a dog.

Specific kinds of dogs to reduce early deaths in people

It was further found by Acorn Stairlifts that specific breeds of dogs were to reduce early deaths in people. These breeds were scent hounds, terriers and retrievers, which belonged to the traditional hunting breed.

There may be people who would already be more active to choose a dog instead of the dog making the owner active. Regardless, there has been clear association between the dog, the owner and regular physical activity resulting in keeping the owner fit.

Apart from the physical benefits offered by the companionship of dog, you would be able to make the most of alleviating psychological stress in single people.

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