How much sleep do dogs need?

There’s no doubt that dogs love to sleep a lot, but how much sleep does your dog actually need? It really depends on the breed, age, and lifestyle. The average amount of sleep a dog needs is about 12-14 hours a day. But there are a lot of other factors involved.

So How Much Sleep Does your Dog Need?

A puppy, like a small child will need more sleep than an adult dog. This is simply because a puppy is young. Puppies need nearly 18 hours of sleep each day. If your dog is older, don’t be too alarmed if he starts to sleep more. He may have many more naps during the day than he did when he was younger. This is completely normal. Sleeping time also depends on how much exercise your dog is does.

Dogs that are active working animals such as service dogs or police dogs will not sleep much during the day. This is because they are working much of the day and can’t take naps. They should be able to get a good rest at night though.

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Creating a Sleep Schedule

If you have a dog as a family pet you may want him to be on the same sleep schedule as you. You don’t want him to be bored and un-entertained all day causing him to have trouble sleeping at night. To avoid having your dog sleep all day and play all night, try a few things to keep him awake and active during the day. Purchase some fun dog toys for your pet to give him something to do and for him to use up his energy. Hiding treats around the house or yard for your dog to sniff out and find is another great way for him to remain active. He will have a lot of fun doing it too! Play dates with other dogs, a visit to the park or simply taking your dog for a walk is also a good way to burn off energy. It’s good for your dog to see and smell different things at different places.

It may be a good idea to create a sleeping space for your dog. Some people don’t mind if their dog sleeps in their bed or on the couch. A dog bed in your room on the floor will work just find too. Some dogs may prefer to sleep outside. Just make sure he has a shelter in case it rains. You may check out the best dog bed reviewed on DogBedZone before buying just another bed and throw your dog on it.

When Things aren’t Normal

However, if your dog has any strange or concerning symptoms along with the extra sleep, a visit to the vet may be a good idea. Although rare, some dogs are affected by sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or insomnia. No matter the age of your dog you should take him to the vet as much as necessary anyway to be sure he his healthy and is caught up on vaccines.

All of these suggestions are fantastic for your dogs’ physical and mental health. Creating and maintaining a regular sleep pattern is great for your pet and for you. Make sure he is getting the sleep he needs to be a healthy and happy dog.

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