Myths about Dog shock collar

Dog shock collar

If you are a pet owner, there are high chances that you must have heard about the dog shock collar; maybe you have come across it while researching for the stuff best for your dog or maybe someone has suggested you. Chances are there that you would have hated it because of the fact that they are the shock devices. However, if you are still unsure if the collars work only to torture the dogs, we are here you out and breaking some myths about the dog collars.

If you ever think of buying the best dog shock collar for your dog, you should always consult the professionals. Anyway, let’s break the myths associated with the shock collar.

  • A torturous device:

Well, this fact simply implies on the person that for what purpose it is being used for. Many training centers or trainers buy this collar only to rectify the dog’s behaviour while being trained. It produces a little shock to make the dog understand that he is doing wrong. Otherwise, people are there who uses it for the wrong purposes. If you want to buy it for the good reason and train your dog you can go ahead and buy, but do not use it to torture the innocent beings.

  • It is for every dog:

Well, this is another myth that is in circulation. The device is mainly for the hunting dogs that are being trained for a purpose. Many who own smaller and friendly breeds use it which is not really needed. So, if you have Labrador or Pomeranian or any such small breed, you don’t really need it.

  • It destroys the dog and owner relationship:

Many think that those who are cruel and don’t really care for their dogs use this which is not true. The device used depends on the owner and the trainer and mild use of it on the dog doesn’t cause pain or hurt him. It doesn’t destroy the relationship is used in a restricted manner. So, while you are using it, be sure of your purposes and other stuff.

In the end, we would recommend that do not buy the device if you want to use it a torture an innocent being. You can use it to train your dog. There are many shock collars that are available in the market and they come with different features as well. You just need to find the right one depending on the breed you are training.

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