Natural Pest Control Ideas that are Safe for Your Pets

Pest Control Ideas that are Safe for Your Pets

Pests are a nuisance. They’re making your home unsuitable for living by spreading dangerous diseases that could possibly harm your family and pets. If not, they’re always running about and eating your supplies at home.

When you have pets at home, keeping control of these pests may become difficult. Because some commercialized pesticides are too strong and harmful, it’s better that you opt for a natural option. Here is some natural pet friendly pest control that you can make at home.

Organic Barriers

You might not know it, but there are several home remedies for pests that are organic and don’t cost much. These simple ingredients and house items will definitely ward off any pest in your home:

  • Garlic Paste

This is one of the most effective pest control concoctions that doesn’t require much effort. All you have to do is peel 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, crush them in a mortar and pestle, and add a few drops of water until the mixture becomes pasty. Depending on your need, you can add more cloves and water. Simply lather the mixture on the surface where the pests reside.

This is most effective with ants, beetles, mosquitoes, or any kinds of insects. There may be some noticeable odor at the beginning, but the smell will wear off in time. If you can’t bear the scent, you can dilute the mixture until you’re okay with the odor.

  • Spices and More

Spices such as cinnamon, cayenne, and rosemary work wonders in driving off any pest. You can sprinkle some on your window sills and doorways. If you don’t want to waste spices, you can use bone meal, chalk, charcoal dust, or talc powder. These can work well with various pests like common insects.

  • Leaves and Fruits

There are certain leaves and fruits that repel flies, mosquitoes, ants, and snails. You can use pennyroyal, spearmint, or basil leaves by leaving them near the infested areas. These leaves will not only ward the pests but will also give a sweet scent inside the house. With fruits, you can squeeze the juices of a lemon or lime and douse the area where the pests reside.

  • Kitchen Ingredients

Baking soda plus sugar is a deadly combination for roaches. After consistent application, the roaches will remove themselves from your homes. If this doesn’t ward off the roaches, a teaspoon of Boric Acid will certainly work. However, keep this away from your pets by making sure it’s unreachable. You can also use Neem oil and spray it near an insect’s home. It’s highly effective but be careful in overusing it since it might harm the bees.

Just because you have a pet at home doesn’t mean that you’ll just allow any pests to roam inside your homes. Fortunately, you don’t have to expose your pets to any highly toxic pesticides with the help of these natural pest control ideas. They’re not only effective but cheap and accessible as well.

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