An overview on activated charcoal for dogs

activated charcoal for dogs

Maintaining a pet dog requires a lot of patience. The master needs to know several natural remedies to cure some of the serious reactions that pets often face. Activated charcoal good options should be used for emergencies like severe reaction on vaccinations. Medical practitioners have faith in the use of activated charcoal which is an age-old solution for treating Parvo, a deadly common virus that generally occurs in puppies. Its occurrence causes diarrhea that leads to complete dehydration in dogs and can even lead to death. One can use activated charcoal as a key ingredient for treating the ailment caused by the virus.

Proceeding with the various treatments

Treating pets suffering from severe illness must be done under strict surveillance of the veterinarian practitioners as activated charcoal for dogs needs to be administered with accurate dosages; otherwise, it may lead to other side effects which would aggravate the situation negatively. The dosages can be given in the form of powder, capsules, and tablets as they can be easily mixed in the dog’s food. Even activated powdered charcoal when diluted with water can be administered into the dog’s body with injection syringes. Capsules might not work in the case of severe diarrhea as it often remains undigested.

Knowing the right place of purchase

Usually, activated charcoal is found in the local grocery departmental stores. One can easily find the charcoal in the form of powder as well as tablets in the pharmacy section. Even online shopping makes activated charcoal available as they are widely used for curing ailments in dogs. Some of the situations that required the use of activated charcoal are diarrhea and severe poisoning. The conditions to be followed are discussed below.

  • In case of diarrhea, the dog would have a condition of loose stool. Activated charcoal needs to be administered every 2 hours. On consulting with the medical practitioner, dosage needs to be regulated and monitored.
  • In case of severe poisoning double dose of activated charcoal needs to be administered for maintaining the dog’s sudden weight loss. In this case, to the practitioner can be consulted and the medication and usage need to be repeated according to the health condition of the dog.

Talking about the side effects and the considerations

Certain measures should be considered while administering. Activated charcoal should not be given to dogs while unconscious and not respond to your calls to swallow the tablet. If it’s not given in the appropriate dose, it may cause vomiting and severe constipation.

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