A Guide to Owning Healthy Guinea Pigs

Guide for Guinea Pigs

Many people believe that small pets that can be housed in cages don’t need anything besides food and water. And while you could feed your guinea pig in the morning and not look at him again until the next day, you might not have an animal that is that healthy. Guinea pigs need lots of monitoring if you want to be certain that they’re in good shape. Keeping your guinea pig healthy might require a tiny bit more than doing the bare minimum, but it will also mean that you have fewer veterinarian bills.

Healthy Guinea Pigs

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Your Guinea Pig’s Vitamin Intake

Guinea pigs need to chew on the right foods to keep their teeth from growing too long and becoming a hindrance. Part of the reason you need to be giving your guinea pigs plenty of healthy foods is to keep his immune system strong. Remember that your guinea pig cannot talk to you and tell you when he has having a stomach ache or feeling sick because his cage hasn’t been cleaned. Feed your guinea pig veterinarian approved foods like spinach and kale, pellets and hay so that he has a strong immune system and goes to the bathroom regularly.

Getting Your Guinea Pig to Exercise

Although they kind of look chubby and fluffy, guinea pigs are made up of a lot of muscle. The only way that your guinea pig can maintain his physique and avoid getting flabby is through exercise. You can put your guinea pig in one of those clear balls and let it run around the house for exercise or you can just put a few empty toilet paper rolls inside of his cage and he will wrestle and nibble on the tubes for hours. If your guinea pig likes to stay inside of his habitat, find activities for him to do there. If your guinea pig seems to like playing outside of his cage, make sure you keep it indoors in an enclosed area that is safe for him to roam.

Keeping Your Guinea Pig’s Habitat Safe and Healthy

Changing and replacing the bedding inside of your pet’s cage is critical for keeping him healthy. In addition, you need to occasionally clean and scrub the cage itself so that germs don’t fester. Also, wash out your guinea pig’s feeding and drinking apparatuses so there are no bacteria left behind. If your guinea pig has plenty of safe things to chew on to keep his teeth healthy and you have ensured that the cage area is clean, your guinea pig will live for several years.

You can provide your guinea pig with vitamins and supplements that are thought to keep him healthy, but they aren’t an absolute requirement. Don’t let your guinea pig chew on dangerous material or keep it in a cage that’s filthy. Avoid feeding guinea pigs chocolate and candy or putting them in a room unattended with large dogs. Follow this advice and you can have a guinea pig that’s perfectly healthy for the rest of his lengthy and uneventful life.

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