Why Raw Pet Food In Focus?

Raw Pet Food

More and more pet owners understand just how delicious and healthy a raw pet food diet is for their animals. Nonetheless, lots of people are reluctant to feed their pets raw meat, fruit, vegetables and bones. Given that these people are accustomed to purchasing and feeding processed and packaged pet food, this is not surprising. We decided to ask a few experts to give their thoughts about the benefits and drawbacks of this kind of diet.

How did the idea of raw pet food diets start?

Originally, racing greyhounds were the only types of animals that ate a raw pet food diet. This was the case until the thirties when a vet named Ian Billinghurst devised the BARF diet. BARF stands for raw food and bones, however, it could be used as an acronym for biologically acceptable raw food.

Why did people think that animals would receive health benefits from such a diet?

Billinghurst thought that dogs would prosper if they were fed a diet that harked backed to an era where all dogs had to consume this kind of diet because that was their only option. He said that dogs can be healthy, only if they have a diet consisting of raw meat, fruit, and vegetables, and that dogs who depended on the usual, domesticated diets will not be as physically robust.

What is all the controversy surrounding raw pet food?

Similar to other diets for humans, there are advantages and disadvantages to this kind of diet for dogs. Some experts believe that conventional dog food is most beneficial for your dog, whereas others say that raw food is a far healthier way of feeding your animal. The benefits and drawbacks of raw pet food are shown below:

The Pros of raw pet Food

* Cleaner and better-looking teeth

* A shinier and healthier skin and coat

* Bowel movements take less time

* Higher energy levels

The Cons of raw pet Food

* There might be bacteria in raw meat

* Sometimes dogs can choke when eating whole bones

* Over a lengthy time period, a diet that lacks balance could harm your animal

Every dog owner needs to consider the benefits and drawbacks, and take their own view about whether their animal will prosper on a diet of raw food. Raw pet food diets are not right for all dogs, so the most crucial thing is to decide on the best course of action for your particular animal.

Take heed of the above information, and you can make an informed decision about doing the right thing by your pet.

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