Pet Friendly Places That You and Your Dog Can Enjoy Together

If you travel a lot and you have a dog who travels with you, it is important for you to know if a hotel is “pet friendly” meaning that they will welcome your pet to stay in the room with you. More and more hotels that are at vacation spots are adding this to their policy.

Pet guides

Travelling with your pet couldn’t be easier especially when you use one of the many guides on the internet to pet friendly vacation, hotels and motels, rentals, beaches, campgrounds, restaurants and bars, airports, shopping malls, and more.

Traveling with your dog

If you have a dog who travels with you, find one of the guides to look for listings for “pet friendly” lodgings that can include renting cabins, bed and breakfast, as well as resorts in both Canada and the United States. From these guides you can contact the property owner or manager directly by email or phone to book your room for both you and your dog. Unlike most other vacation rentals, these places do not charge a service fee for your dog. If you often travel to Portland, there are many dog friendly hotels in Portland.

Open to Fido

With a pet friendly guide, you can explore over 200,000 places to stay, play, and eat with your dog. These include other vacation activities. With these guides, you can find all the places that Fido can go with you; dog beaches, great hiking trails and many other places that you won’t believe would let your dog come to. These are places such as museums, tours of historical places, cruises by boat or by train. There are even dog friendly winery tours (no drinking for the dog without a driver’s license of course).

Get a guide

So, if you are going on a vacation and your best friend doesn’t want to miss out, look for these guides on pet friendly places for you and Fido to go together. Truly vacations are more fun when you can take your dog everywhere with you.

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