Traveling With Your Fluffy Friend – Give Them the Best Vacations

How to Give Your Pet the Best Vacations - Pet Friendly Resorts

Family vacations no longer comprise of trips with your 2-legged children. As per a study by Best Western International and AAA, more than half of the pet parents carry their pets (mostly dogs and cats) along with them while traveling. So, are you looking forward to fly the skies or hit the road along with your canine friend? If yes, we’ve brought you some tips.

Going Out on a Road Trip With Your Pawed Friend

  • Go for a trial: Before taking him for a long road trip, take some shorter trials to see how your pet responds to such trips? Does he get car sick?
  • Buckle him up: More than 30,000 accidents are caused every year due to keeping an unbuckled dog in the front seat. If your pet moves about freely within your vehicle, this leads to accidents.
  • Keep his paws and heads inside: Even though your pet loves to stick his head out, making him ride in this manner may cause damage to its ears and cause lung infections.
  • Hydrate: The ASPCA advises keeping one gallon of cold water to make sure your pet stays hydrated during the entire trip.

Flying With Your Pawed Friend

  • Fit your pet for a flight: In case your pet is young enough or not in perfect health, it is best to leave it home. There are few breeds which don’t travel comfortably in a cargo as they’re prone to breathing issues. This is the reason why so many airlines don’t allow such breeds to fly on cargo.
  • Do your homework: Fees and regulations change depending on the airlines and based on whether the pet flies as checked baggage or inside the cabin. Check the history of the airline with flying animals, whether they have incidents of pets being lost or injured.
  • Opt for a pets-only airline: There are Pet Airways which offer cabins which can control climate and which are equipped with personal crates. There will be a flight attendant who will check on animals every 10 minutes. Once the flight lands, the pets are taken for a short bathroom break and then the owners can take them from the Pet Lounge.
  • Prepare the kennel: Make sure you buy a kennel which has enough room for your pet to turn and stand without hitting its head. In case your pet hasn’t traveled alone before, spend some time to make him habituated with the carrier.

Other Travel-Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

  • Book pet-friendly resorts and watch out for the destination where you are permitted to carry your fluffy friend.
  • Have a talk with your veterinarian before starting for the trip, particularly when your pet hasn’t traveled before.
  • Keep a pet-friendly blanket or toy which the pet loves to hold on to during the trip.
  • Choose to get a Thundershirt in case your pet gets nervous during traveling.

Therefore, now that you’re familiar with the tips to follow while taking out your pets for your next trip, make sure you follow them to give them ultimate comfort.

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